On Rails…

20 Aug

Thought I’d post of some photos and a short clip of one of our track cars. This is our E30 BMW (the white one in the pictures) driven by our resident “product tester” Mike Sabatello. If it can be broken Mike will break it but the good thing is somehow he will also fix it. Mike is one of our mechanics at the shop and has had a hand in every one of our shop builds and then some.

I will post more pics up of the car in another post. Also if anyone is interested, its for sale.

A little Limerock action for your view pleasure.


One Response to “On Rails…”

  1. Jonathan August 21, 2008 at 8:39 PM #

    Nice! And let’s not forget Mike essentially started Z1!! Ahh, those were the days. All the old Z’s parked outside the shop was really a sight…

    It may be time to hit the archives for some old photos and videos of Adam’s ZXT in action at the track.

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