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So I picked up dinner in the “hood” tonight…

9 Sep

I had to get my “hair did,” and I was starving. So I went into the take out Chinese food spot next to my barbershop to pick up a hood classic – Chicken Wings with Chicken Fried Rice, No MSG of course! Honestly, this shit just feels like its clogging your arteries as it goes down. Its all good, I eat this maybe once every 10 years.

Look at that glistening, its looks like they coated it with tire shine when they were done. I don’t know where they find the chickens that they use for these meals. I never see chicken wings this big when I go to the supermarket, must be from the retarded chicken coup.

This is the only dish that I’ve seen ALWAYS served in a Styrofoam dish regardless of where you buy your Chinese takeout. I can think of two reasons why. 1) To keep this dish continually at that $4.99 crackhead affordable price even with everything else increasing in price. (Gas prices affect Crackheads too you know.) and 2) Styrofoam is the only thing that won’t disintegrate from all of this grease.

Well at least it tasted good. Man I am in the mood for some Welch’s grape juice right about now. 🙂

AME TM-02…

9 Sep

Kent from AME just sent us some more photos of these wheels installed on different vehicles. The name of the wheel “TM-02” stands for Tracer M.A.T. Version II. These wheels are made using Enkei’s proven proprietary M.A.T. wheel forming process. which improves the material properties of the wheel and its overall performance characteristics.

I really like these wheels, especially on the Invision EVO.

Here is some more information the M.A.T. process used to make these wheels:

If you have any questions regarding general information on these wheels or any other lines we carry please feel free to e-mail me at or shoot me an IM at my AIM screenname “Kwamez1auto”; or contact Adam at or at “z1auto” on AIM.

Isn’t this usually the case when your stuck in traffic due to “construction?”…

9 Sep

I got this from my buddy Dave yesterday in an e-mail and I thought it was funny as hell!


From Downtime to Showtime…

9 Sep

I was just browsing through pictures of friend’s cars on my computer and I found these photos of my boy Kevin’s ride. This thing sat in his backyard waiting for parts for close to a year in this exact position (sans the wheels and the varis kit obviously.)

But he was able to get it buttoned up enough to get it down to HIN in NY this year…

The car isn’t complete but it is damn near close. I’ll post proper pictures of it when its done along with a complete mod list. This car has a lot of special parts on it and a lot of blood and sweat in it. Keep up the work Kevin!