15 Sep

Ok, so it’s only in a video game, but here are the photos of the Exige we built in Forza2…

After a couple hours of playing with the suspension and gear ratios, this thing pulls and handles like a LeMans car. Now to bash on the online racers of the Forza community đŸ™‚ Lotus has long been known for making the most of a powertrain with lightweight platforms.

The Exige also inspired this K20A powered, turbocharged CRX. K-swaps are hugely popular for older Honda’s as companies like Hasport make the job a breeze with their motor mounts/adapters. The K-series motors themselves (namely from the RSX-S) are plentiful, have unlimited aftermarket support and boast impressive stock power and a stout block. Plus, they aren’t very expensive!

Right now, this 600hp CRX pulls VERY hard in all 5 forward gears all the way to 180mph but I’m having some trouble finding the right settings for suspension/LSD. All in good time… Some may think it’s a bit lame, but I think tinkering with this stuff in Forza2 is a BLAST!

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