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R.I.P Paul Newman

27 Sep

While in the shower this morning I heard the radio report that Paul Newman passed away after battling this year with cancer.  Many might wonder why we would dedicate a place on a car blog towards remembering one of the world’s finest actors.  The reason is simple – he also was an avid gearhead like the rest of us.  Of particular interest to everyone here at Z1, he was also very involved in the early Datsun/Nissan racing program.  He was one of Bob Bondurant’s earliest driving school clients, and competed in various 510’s and Z cars over the years, most notably for Bob Sharp’s legenday Connecticut based team.  He also competed in various Porsche race cars as well, and even took 2nd spot at LeMans in 1979 in a 935.  Later he formed his own race team, first competing in Can-Am racing, and eventually moving to open wheel competition with the formation of Newman/Haas Racing.   A GT class team he was part of won the 24 Hour of Daytona race in 1995. The last time I can remember watching him drive was at the Daytona 24 Hour test session in 2005 behind the wheel of a Porsche powered Daytona Prototype.  Some might remember the voiceover work he did in the Pixar movie “Cars”

Here are some pictures of a few Newman-piloted cars from over the years


Silver Streak

27 Sep

The other day I received an email from Saher, a good customer of ours from Saudi Arabia, showing me the status of his Evo project. Saher is one of those in charge of Ferrari sales for all of Saudi Arabia (and sales of exotics are booming over there), but by day, he likes to kick back JDM style with his awesome rally rocket. We sent a ton of parts to him a few months ago, and now that installation is complete, we’re happy to show it off!

Modifications reads like a who’s who of JDM goodness including:


Cusco Suction Kit.GruppeM Ram Air System.HKS Super SQV blow off valve

ARC All Aluminum Radiator SMC Prestige-R.


HKS Type R Intercooler Kit. 

HKS Oil Cooler Kit.

Ralliart Radiator cap.

Ralliart water thermostat.

Ralliart silicone water hoses.

Thermo-Tec insulation wraps.

Tomei oil cap.

Tomei oil thermostat eliminator.

Varis dry carbon cooling plate.

Varis dry carbon plug cover.


JSpeed wastegate.

JUN exhaust manifold.

Mine’s Titanium center pipe.

Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titan catback.

Thermo-Tec insulation wraps.

Tomei Extreme turbo elbow.

Tomei Extreme down pipe.


Spark lightweight battery.

HKS Circle Earthing System.

Denso IW31 Spark plugs.

Ralliart Sports spark plug cable kit.




ARC Oil catch tank.

HKS fuel rail.

LAP 255l/h fuel pump.

LAP fuel pump harness kit.

Sard fuel pressure regulator.

Trust 720 cc/min injectors.



Tomei procam 270 camshafts.

Tomei adjustable camshaft pulleys.

Zaklee transparent pulley cover.



Exedy Hyper Series D-Core twin plate carbon unit (including flywheel).



A’PEXi Power FC ECU.

A’PEXi Commander.

A’PEXi AVC-R boost controller.

Apexi Turbo Timer with harness Evo. VIII (Black)

A’PEXi EL System Meter II.

A’PEXi fuel pressure gauge.

A’PEXi oil pressure gauge.

A’PEXi oil temperature gauge.

Zeitronix ZT-2 wideband & EGT Controller.




Brembo Big Brake Kits for Evo. VIII MR. (6-Piston Front, 4-Piston Rear) “Calipers in Silver Color”

O.Z.Racing 8X18’’ UltraLeggera Wheels (Black Finish)

Cusco Zero-2 Suspension Kit

Cusco Power Braces Kit Which include the following:

Front side member

Floor-Front center

Floor center

Rear trunk (boot)



Gialla Evo IX Style Front Bumper

Carbign Craft Carbon Fiber Exhaust Shield Evo. VIII MR

Two Tone Exterior Color in Matt Finish ( Silver and Black)


Full Alcantara Interior

Four Carbon Fiber Racing Seats

Racing suits material in all Doors and Seats inserts

Quick Release Steering Wheel

Gear Knob and Hand Brake Handle in Aluminum & Carbon Fiber

And that list just got bigger, as we’ve sent over a set of JDM Evo VIII MR headlights and tail lights too!

Rumor has it that there are some other JDM Monsters making there way to Saudi Arabia soon. Could it be a Godzilla spotting in the desert? Stay tuned!

Endless Swivel Steel brake lines are now available for the R35 GTR!

27 Sep
Endless Swivel Steel brake lines - R35 GTR

Endless Swivel Steel brake lines - R35 GTR

Endless brake lines are steel braided and feature a carbon casing to protect against debris. Swivel heads help to prevent binding and aid installation.

All Endless brake lines are in compliance with JIS standards.

View our contact information at the link above to inquire about pricing or to place your order.


27 Sep

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word zealous as “filled with or characterized by zeal : marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or an ideal.”

Now I look at the word zealous and for some strange reason I see a portmanteau. I see the two words zeal and jealous being combined to make up the word zealous. Therefore my personal definition of zealous would be to be jealous of one’s Zeals. Maybe its because jealousy is the first emotion that I feel when I see someone with a new set of Zeal coilovers and hence I am zealous by my own definition of the word. Yup! I think that explains it.

Well the reason why I am feeling “zealous” today is because one of our good customers, Larry, just received his set of Zeal Function A coilovers that we set him up with for his 350z and they look amazing. Good luck Larry and enjoy! These coilovers are so fly!

Here are Larry’s first impressions of the coilovers…

After examining them I can say that they are noticeably different in construction that any other coilover I have seen for the Z. The spring is not mounted to the top of the shock. It is remote mounted, and there is no rubber bushing between the shock and the mount, It has a spherical bearing. The adjustment knobs have windows so you can see what setting you are using. The rears have aluminum lower mounts, but the fronts have steel. The brake line brackets, and the ABS wheel speed sensor mounting brakets are welded on and not an afterthought or left off completely. The dust boots are also safety wired on liek they should be so no dirt actually gets in there. The shocks were dyno’d and the graphs look very nice!