27 Sep

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word zealous as “filled with or characterized by zeal : marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or an ideal.”

Now I look at the word zealous and for some strange reason I see a portmanteau. I see the two words zeal and jealous being combined to make up the word zealous. Therefore my personal definition of zealous would be to be jealous of one’s Zeals. Maybe its because jealousy is the first emotion that I feel when I see someone with a new set of Zeal coilovers and hence I am zealous by my own definition of the word. Yup! I think that explains it.

Well the reason why I am feeling “zealous” today is because one of our good customers, Larry, just received his set of Zeal Function A coilovers that we set him up with for his 350z and they look amazing. Good luck Larry and enjoy! These coilovers are so fly!

Here are Larry’s first impressions of the coilovers…

After examining them I can say that they are noticeably different in construction that any other coilover I have seen for the Z. The spring is not mounted to the top of the shock. It is remote mounted, and there is no rubber bushing between the shock and the mount, It has a spherical bearing. The adjustment knobs have windows so you can see what setting you are using. The rears have aluminum lower mounts, but the fronts have steel. The brake line brackets, and the ABS wheel speed sensor mounting brakets are welded on and not an afterthought or left off completely. The dust boots are also safety wired on liek they should be so no dirt actually gets in there. The shocks were dyno’d and the graphs look very nice!

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