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New Samco Hose Kits for R35 GTR

18 Sep

Just got the details worked out for Samco’s new silicone radiator hoses and turbo hose kit for the R35 GTR,  These hoses are a direct replacement for the stock rubber ones, and last much longer in the hot engine compartment.  Plus, they come in a range of colors to dress up any engine bay.

The Radiator Hose Kit is a 3 piece setup, and is a direct bolt on.

The Turbo Hose kit consists of 10 hoses altogether, and replaces the various stock rubber interconnets between the turbo and intake manifold.

These come in a wide range of colors – just click each image above to see the details and place your order!

F1’s First Night Event – Singapore Promo

16 Sep

Just got this sent to me from one of my customers overseas – absolutely amazing graphic work.  This was a promo Red Bull did to promote the Singapore Grand Prix that happens next weekend.  This is the first night race in F1 history, and I’m betting that it’s going to be an awesome event…the track layout looks amazing!


15 Sep

Ok, so it’s only in a video game, but here are the photos of the Exige we built in Forza2…

After a couple hours of playing with the suspension and gear ratios, this thing pulls and handles like a LeMans car. Now to bash on the online racers of the Forza community 🙂 Lotus has long been known for making the most of a powertrain with lightweight platforms.

The Exige also inspired this K20A powered, turbocharged CRX. K-swaps are hugely popular for older Honda’s as companies like Hasport make the job a breeze with their motor mounts/adapters. The K-series motors themselves (namely from the RSX-S) are plentiful, have unlimited aftermarket support and boast impressive stock power and a stout block. Plus, they aren’t very expensive!

Right now, this 600hp CRX pulls VERY hard in all 5 forward gears all the way to 180mph but I’m having some trouble finding the right settings for suspension/LSD. All in good time… Some may think it’s a bit lame, but I think tinkering with this stuff in Forza2 is a BLAST!

Cusco Twin Disk Clutch Evo X

15 Sep

Hot off the press…

Brand new from Cusco Japan! Their famed twin disk clutch is suitable for setups of around 550 whp, and includes high clamp pressure plate, twin clutch disks and integrated lightweight chromoly flywheel. Weighs 30.5 lbs for the entire assembly!

Now accepting preorders for mid November arrival!

Click the picture to place your order

Cusco Twin Disk Evo X

Cusco Twin Disk Evo X

Eibach Springs for R35 GTR

15 Sep

Just got word about the release of the Eibach Pro Kit for the 2008 + GTR.  These springs lower the car .8 inches up front, .5 inches out back, and were specifically tuned around the stock Bilstein Dampers.   The result is a clean, even stance, and lower center of gravity.  Springs are progressively wound, allowing them to retain a near OEM ride quality during day to day driving, but as the suspension compresses, they firm up to improve handling.

Eibach Pro Kit R35 GTR

Eibach Pro Kit R35 GTR

We’ve got a bunch coming in, and preorders can be placed just by clicking !

Now accepting preorders for mid to late October arrival!

Exige Me?

14 Sep

Yesterday Shaun and I were bs’ing online, as we usually do on Saturday afternoons, and the talk turns to Lotus.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about them, except that they have always captured my imagination by being a performance oriented car, that is both attainable, and rare – two things I can always appreciate in a performance platform.  One car in particular caught my eye on ebay – the color scheme just spoke to me!


So, I had the Exige bug going, and last night before eating some mediocre sushi with Jonathan, he built an badass version on Forza – down to the stripes.  I’m not a huge video game person, but this thing was a blast….570 hp, around 2000 lbs.  I might be east coast, but I know how to say yee-haw! 

After watching Vettel win at Monza today (amazing BTW!) I started googling all things Exige, and found some cool stuff I figured I’d share.

Lotus has done a ton of development work on the car since it’s introduction.  One neat version was the 270E  was shown at Geneva this year and runs on your choice of three fuels – gasoline, alcohol, or methanol! (white car with green stripes in the gallery below)

And of course the grand daddy of ’em all – the car every Exige wants to grow up to be: Lotus’s own Sport Exige 05.  This was developed in conjunction with RTN (of Bentley LeMans winning fame), and is a V6 NA monster – 400 hp + 1974 lbs = hold the hell on.  

4G63 Go Kart….

13 Sep

I saw this on one of the many forums that I frequent and I thought it would be cool to share it. I know its kind of old but still promising nonetheless.

I believe the go kart was owned by ASA Perfromance  (I’ve never heard of them either) at the time that the video was made. Supposedly they purchased the go-kart from eBay for approximately $2500 and at the time it was only making 240hp. I believe they made some additional upgrades to get it where it was in the video. It definitely still needs some more TLC.

Here are some pictures taken before ASA Performance took ownership:

and here are the specs of the setup at that same time:


MIG welded steel tube frame. 16 Gauge 1″square tubing and 1 3/4″ Dia. 0.134″ wall round tubing.


It is powered by a 2.0 Liter Mitsubishi 4G63 turbo 4-cylinder. The engine is from a 1990 FWD DSM, and is the stock turbo (14b), stock injectors (450cc). It is intercooled with an Isuzu NPR intercooler, custom piping, and a 1G DSM BOV.


A stock 5-speed manual from a 1990 DSM, unequal length CV joints.


Water: Two Honda Civic radiators + electric fans.

Oil: 1990 DSM air to air oil cooler


First generation DSM hubs and disc brakes, single-piston calipers, and stainless brake lines.

Oval track Appleton 9lb aluminum steering rack, ~1 turn lock to lock.

Double A-arm suspension, Custom-made upper ball-joint adaptors.Inboard Yamaha R6 coil-overs, adjustable damping, with adjustable wheel-rate and ride height.


First generation DSM hubs and disc brakes, single-piston calipers, and stainless brake lines.

Multi Rod-end links. Bellcranked Showa/Honda F4i coil-overs, adjustable damping, with adjustable wheel-rate and ride height.


Starion/Conquest Wheels.

16×7” front with 205 Kumho tires

16×8” rear with 245 Kumho tires

It would be kind of cool to have one of these at the shop to tinker around with.

Chi-town Wrecker

10 Sep

I just got these pics from one of our customers out in Illinois by the name of Jeremy. We recently sold him this full JP Vizage Type N-Kit that he is sporting.

I think it looks great! Its the first time that I have seen this kit on a Redline Z. Keep up the great work Jeremy!

Simply put, just a sick photo!

10 Sep

My current wallpaper…

So I picked up dinner in the “hood” tonight…

9 Sep

I had to get my “hair did,” and I was starving. So I went into the take out Chinese food spot next to my barbershop to pick up a hood classic – Chicken Wings with Chicken Fried Rice, No MSG of course! Honestly, this shit just feels like its clogging your arteries as it goes down. Its all good, I eat this maybe once every 10 years.

Look at that glistening, its looks like they coated it with tire shine when they were done. I don’t know where they find the chickens that they use for these meals. I never see chicken wings this big when I go to the supermarket, must be from the retarded chicken coup.

This is the only dish that I’ve seen ALWAYS served in a Styrofoam dish regardless of where you buy your Chinese takeout. I can think of two reasons why. 1) To keep this dish continually at that $4.99 crackhead affordable price even with everything else increasing in price. (Gas prices affect Crackheads too you know.) and 2) Styrofoam is the only thing that won’t disintegrate from all of this grease.

Well at least it tasted good. Man I am in the mood for some Welch’s grape juice right about now. 🙂

AME TM-02…

9 Sep

Kent from AME just sent us some more photos of these wheels installed on different vehicles. The name of the wheel “TM-02” stands for Tracer M.A.T. Version II. These wheels are made using Enkei’s proven proprietary M.A.T. wheel forming process. which improves the material properties of the wheel and its overall performance characteristics.

I really like these wheels, especially on the Invision EVO.

Here is some more information the M.A.T. process used to make these wheels:

If you have any questions regarding general information on these wheels or any other lines we carry please feel free to e-mail me at or shoot me an IM at my AIM screenname “Kwamez1auto”; or contact Adam at or at “z1auto” on AIM.

Isn’t this usually the case when your stuck in traffic due to “construction?”…

9 Sep

I got this from my buddy Dave yesterday in an e-mail and I thought it was funny as hell!


From Downtime to Showtime…

9 Sep

I was just browsing through pictures of friend’s cars on my computer and I found these photos of my boy Kevin’s ride. This thing sat in his backyard waiting for parts for close to a year in this exact position (sans the wheels and the varis kit obviously.)

But he was able to get it buttoned up enough to get it down to HIN in NY this year…

The car isn’t complete but it is damn near close. I’ll post proper pictures of it when its done along with a complete mod list. This car has a lot of special parts on it and a lot of blood and sweat in it. Keep up the work Kevin!

NA is Dead? Pt. II

7 Sep

In the last segment we looked at the very basics of an Individual Throttle Body setup, and the very basics by which it works.  This time around I wanted to go a bit more in depth and explore the different types of setups out there.  I’m also going to attempt to give some insight into various technical features of each type as well.

Trumpet type – this is the image that most people have in their head when they thing of an Individual Throttle Body.  Each airhorn, or trumpet is responsible for feeding an individual cylinder.   However simple it may seem, the design of the trumpet itself has a tremendous amount to do with the performance that can be extracted from it.  First, there is the length of the trumpet.   Just like in a sealed intake manifold, the shorter the runner, the more top end power the engine will have, and the longer the runner, the more low and midrange power it will have.  Altering the design of the bell also has alot to do with the overall powerband as well.  These are the most simple type out there, as they use a simple butterfly valve to ingest air to the combustion chamber.  There are several key elements in the design one chooses for their trumpet style.  These will vary from engine to engine based on many factors, such as combustion chamber design, valve placement and diameter, cam lobe profile, etc.  The proper taper of the trumpet will give you the best of all worlds – sufficient low speed volume so the car doesn’t become peaky, but providing significant velocity when the valve is fully opened, to mid and top end power.   The trumpet design as mentioned, is highly interdependant on many other aspects of the engine.  If anyone is interested in some helpful math formulas, let me know and I’d be happy to post them. 

The above pictures shows a typical trumpet style ITB setup on a modern V6 engine.  Note the taper of the trumpet that continues to the intake runner itself, providing a balance of low, mid and top end performance.

Slider ITB – Slider style throttle bodies were born out of logical belief that with the traditional butterfly valve style, you are giving up prescious air volume and velocity by having a shaft in the center of the bore.  In a slider ITB, there is no throttle shaft.  Instead, there is a door that slides open and closed to ingest air.  As you can imagine, the packaging requirements tend to make these more space hungry and more expensive to produce.  These are also said to give non linear throttle response, making them difficult to drive at lower speeds, and difficult to maintain a steady state speed.

Typical Slider Type

Typical Slider Type

Roller Style – the roller style throttle body is the third type of individual setup out there.  In this type, you have two barrels, one that rotates inside another.  These are essentially combining the linear throttle progression of a traditional butterfly setup, with the pure flow of the slider type.  As you can imagine, these are the post costly to produce, and leave the least margin for error, as you no longer have the ability to alter runner length, taper,  etc for a given application.  Each component has to be machined on it’s own, meaning it’s got to be perfect out of the gate.  The inner roller uses ball bearings for smooth and linear actuation. 

Get your math right, your patience high, and a bunch of buddies to chip in on a CNC machine, and the roller is clearly the way to go from a packaging and performance standpoint.  But there really is no margin for error.

Here is a very neat video showing a roller throttle body in action on an STi

So, now we’ve seen the different styles of ITB’s out there.  In the next segment, we’ll get a bit more into design considerations of the most popular version, the butterfly style.  This will include injector placement, trumpet location, and what all is needed to actually make one of these setups run a car.

Stay tuned!!!

So I totalled my daily driver…

6 Sep

Most of you don’t know about this, but on Wednesday morning I got into a pretty bad accident in my ’07 Toyota FJ Cruiser. It was my daily driver and I “think” its totaled, I will find out on Wednesday for sure.
I got hit by another driver in a Ford Explorer and I wish I could recant the events of the accident but I honestly do not remember what happened. I blacked out when I got hit. In any case I came out with very minor injuries (broken/fractured neck (c4/c5 break for those of you in the medical field), soreness in my back, a minor bruise on my left wrist, some slight loss of hearing in my left ear (might be temp. obviously I am not sure yet) and a tingling in my left hand thumb) and the other driver also survived although I do not know the extent of her injuries.

My plans as of right now are to make a full recovery and to finish up my big 350z project and not to purchase another car. The reason why I’m not looking to pick something else up is because I might be moving into NYC soon so there might not be a need, we shall see. Look out for major progress on my Z project!

Without further ado, pictures of the damage…

R.I.P. My 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser