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AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

1 Oct

I just received the press release on the new AMS EVO upgraded oil cooler kit…

AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit provides the most efficient oil cooling available. With an additional 14 rows of heat exchange and 30% increased surface area over the stock unit this is the ultimate oil cooler for your EVO. Using one of the most efficient heat exchangers on the market, road racers, drag racers and performance street cars alike can be confident that oil cooling will not be an issue. We suggest the replacement of the factory oil cooler after any engine failure to prevent contamination of your new engine. Our kit not only out performs the factory cooler but is a cost effective alternative to the expensive OEM unit.


· 30% increased surface area over the stock oil cooler

· 25 rows of heat exchange compared to stock at 11 rows

· Utilizes the most efficient heat exchanger on the market

· Pre made lines with reusable billet aluminum hose ends

· Direct bolt-on, no modifications needed

· All necessary hardware and fittings included

· Cores have a 1 year warranty


· 13”x7”x2” oil cooler core

· Stainless steel brackets

· Billet aluminum fittings

· Kit weighs 7.5 lbs


· Mitsubishi Evolution VII, VIII & IX

· Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

In stock and ready to ship! Click on the picture above which will lead you to our website where you can place your order.


Manley Forged Mitsubishi EVO X I Beam Rods Now Available and In Stock

1 Oct

Manley’s new forged rods for the Evo X are now available, and we’re proud to be able to offer them. These are forged from aircraft quality 4340 vacuum degassed material.

Click on the below picture for more details.

Manley Forged Rods - EVO X

Manley Forged Rods - EVO X

Who is cooler than me?

1 Oct

Corny title but I finally picked up my ARC Radiator from the shop and had a chance to take a  picture.

There are a few of these floating around in the states but not many, probably because it costs 2-3 times the cost of most other aftermarket radiators for a Z. Ahhhh I remember the good ole days when the economy was doing well and I had some pesos in my pantalones . 🙂

ARC Radiator - Nissan 350z

ARC Radiator - Nissan 350z