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Work VS-FX

20 Oct
Work VS FX

Work VS FX

This is a clean wheel and I love the demo vehicle they used. Work knows whats up!

Here is the description from the Work website:

All new WORK VS-FX. This is the latest addition to our VS Series. The VS-FX is a true 3 piece modular design, utilizing the latest casting technology and barrel forming. The new VS-FX design is classic, elegant, sophistication and timeless. The 10 spokes design offers great amount of strength and durability over long period of time, this is a style that will out survive many other wheel design on the market. VS-FX has wide range of 20″ width and offsets. Three types of center disk for BBK or Maximum lip setup. Custom 5 Lugs bolt pattern options, this cover wide range of vehicles, from Japanese, European and Domestic vehicle applications. Three standard colors to choose from. Optional colors available. Each VS-FX include VS center cap and valve stem.