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Another Shop Car – Billy’s 1977 280Z

22 Oct

Here is Billy’s (one of our Chief Mechanics at the shop) 1977 280z. This car has a lot of history behind it and it was rebuilt from the ground up at the shop by Billy himself. I personally am not a yellow type guy but this color suits Billy’s personality to a tee. We have no idea how much power its currently putting down but I can assure you its plenty fast as it stands. Here are some of the modifications he currently has on the car that I can remember.

  1. Custom T3/T4 Turbo Kit
  2. Electromotive TEC 3 Standalone ecu
  3. HKS Front Mount Intercooler
  4. HKS BOV
  5. Bride XAX II seats
  6. Bosch injectors
  7. Bosch Motorsports Fuel Pump
  8. Enkei mesh wheels (no idea their name – anyone know?)
  9. Full Urethane Lip kit
  10. Fiberglass hood with cowl
  11. Fiberglass fenders
  12. 4 piston front calipers

and much much more that I am forgetting. Sorry If my descriptions are to vague. I will do my best to update this post with more accurate information when i get a chance. Anywho onto the pictures…