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New present for my car!!!

27 Oct

My Top Secret HR Aero Bonnet was delivered today. I know I’m not DOING IT like some of you big dogs out there being that I purchased the FRP version as opposed to the Carbon. Truth be told I don’t plan on having any exposed and unpainted carbon fiber parts on my car aside from my Craftsquare mirrors and my Nismo B-Pillars so i did not see the sense in spending the extra coin for the carbon version.

This bad boy is lighter than the stock hood and even comes with hood pins and a rain guard for the mesh opening.

Corner Balance has been corner balanced! :)

27 Oct

We just picked up Adam’s car from RPM North tonight. We had a couple of adjustment made to the suspension system (including installation of the Moonface Racing Roll Center Adjusters) and we had his car corner balanced and aligned. The guys over at RPM North did a great job and we’d like to thank them for their hard work

I managed to snap some pics while I was there.