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Just a Lazy Day

29 Oct

A couple weekends ago, the weather was nice and I had finished tracking down the annoying valve cover gasket leak finally in my Z, so I decided to take a ride out east and drive around.  Sorry no gratuitous shots of the sandwich I wolfed down at The Golden Pear 🙂 

While oggling over some amazing houses right on the water, listening to some Buena Vista Social Club (I think I’m officially old now…but it sounds awesome in the car!) I found a nice spot for a couple pics and figured I’d share them.

All I want for Christmas…

29 Oct

…is the Amuse R1 Titanium front pipe. UGH!


Amuse R1 Front/Y-Pipe

The coolest kids in school…

29 Oct

This photo is just INSANE!

(The picture quality however is horrific)

Amuse Superleggera and ASM Z33

Amuse Superleggera and ASM Z33

Premium Mystic Maroon…

29 Oct

or as it is better known here in the U. S. of A. Interlagos Fire. Definitely one of my favorite colors for one of my favorite cars 🙂

This is a nice example of a PMM Z33 from Japan. As far as I can see this car has been fitted with Volk GTC wheels (classics!), Bride seats, a Voltex Type T Spoiler, Ings Type E Front Bumper, Trust/Greddy Sideskirts, a Kei Office Rear Bumper and an Amuse Exhaust.