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Historic Automobile Festival in Japan

28 Oct

I found some pretty cool photos of this track day event that occurred this past weekend in Japan. I don’t know this exact location where this took place but I wish I were there. A bunch of exotics mixing it up on a track, honestly who wouldn’t want to be there to enjoy this?

New present for my car!!!

27 Oct

My Top Secret HR Aero Bonnet was delivered today. I know I’m not DOING IT like some of you big dogs out there being that I purchased the FRP version as opposed to the Carbon. Truth be told I don’t plan on having any exposed and unpainted carbon fiber parts on my car aside from my Craftsquare mirrors and my Nismo B-Pillars so i did not see the sense in spending the extra coin for the carbon version.

This bad boy is lighter than the stock hood and even comes with hood pins and a rain guard for the mesh opening.

Corner Balance has been corner balanced! :)

27 Oct

We just picked up Adam’s car from RPM North tonight. We had a couple of adjustment made to the suspension system (including installation of the Moonface Racing Roll Center Adjusters) and we had his car corner balanced and aligned. The guys over at RPM North did a great job and we’d like to thank them for their hard work

I managed to snap some pics while I was there.

I <3 Endless :)

26 Oct

Check out this Endless Racing demo Z33.

Zeal suspension, Endless 12 piston front kit with 380mm rotors and  Racing Big 4 piston rear kit with 355mm rotors. The brake kit alone retails for $12,500!!! Its all good, just use the American Express Black Card for that purchase (or as Kanye West calls it “The African American Express”) 🙂

BlackTop Aero NEW EVO X CF Front Lip

25 Oct

A nice accent to the front end of any Mitsubishi EVO X!

Contact us for pricing!

You only live Twice

24 Oct

Toyota 2000GT “The First Japanese Supercar.” A Yamaha and Toyota collaboration and the first Japanese car to be fitted with power assisted disc brakes.

How many cars can say they have had a featured role in a James Bond film? Not many, but this one can.

The things I would do just to say I own one of these.

Damn Toyota and their current marketing strategy towards conservative car buyers.

Skeet Skeet…

23 Oct

The 2.85 Liter, Twin Turbo Engine of the Porsche 959 Road car. 444hp, sequential turbos, water-cooled heads, air-cooled block who the hell thought to put this in a road car in 1986? The things done to win races.  Nuts….

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Another Shop Car – Billy’s 1977 280Z

22 Oct

Here is Billy’s (one of our Chief Mechanics at the shop) 1977 280z. This car has a lot of history behind it and it was rebuilt from the ground up at the shop by Billy himself. I personally am not a yellow type guy but this color suits Billy’s personality to a tee. We have no idea how much power its currently putting down but I can assure you its plenty fast as it stands. Here are some of the modifications he currently has on the car that I can remember.

  1. Custom T3/T4 Turbo Kit
  2. Electromotive TEC 3 Standalone ecu
  3. HKS Front Mount Intercooler
  4. HKS BOV
  5. Bride XAX II seats
  6. Bosch injectors
  7. Bosch Motorsports Fuel Pump
  8. Enkei mesh wheels (no idea their name – anyone know?)
  9. Full Urethane Lip kit
  10. Fiberglass hood with cowl
  11. Fiberglass fenders
  12. 4 piston front calipers

and much much more that I am forgetting. Sorry If my descriptions are to vague. I will do my best to update this post with more accurate information when i get a chance. Anywho onto the pictures…

BBS LMR on a Z

21 Oct

On this fun filled day full of BBS wheels and Nissans on this blog,  I shall end it off with one more dope picture of BBS LMRs on a 350z…

“Grand Opening, Grand Closing!” – Jay-Z

BBS LMR - 350Z

BBS LMR - 350Z

More BBS…

21 Oct

Today I am really loving BBS.

Anyone want to buy my 19″ Mag Blue TE37s so that I can buy a set of these LMs? These are soo HOT!

BBS LM & R35

21 Oct

I just wanted to post this photo up. The photo is a few months old but still hot nonetheless. Sort of makes me think this is what a GTR would look like if we had one in the shop. Very Clean.



Work VS-FX

20 Oct
Work VS FX

Work VS FX

This is a clean wheel and I love the demo vehicle they used. Work knows whats up!

Here is the description from the Work website:

All new WORK VS-FX. This is the latest addition to our VS Series. The VS-FX is a true 3 piece modular design, utilizing the latest casting technology and barrel forming. The new VS-FX design is classic, elegant, sophistication and timeless. The 10 spokes design offers great amount of strength and durability over long period of time, this is a style that will out survive many other wheel design on the market. VS-FX has wide range of 20″ width and offsets. Three types of center disk for BBK or Maximum lip setup. Custom 5 Lugs bolt pattern options, this cover wide range of vehicles, from Japanese, European and Domestic vehicle applications. Three standard colors to choose from. Optional colors available. Each VS-FX include VS center cap and valve stem.


18 Oct

This post is for Adam.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this car is, its the 240ZG or the G-Nose.. Here is the wikipedia explanation of this model, an accurate explanation at that.

The HS30-H Nissan Fairlady 240ZG was released in Japan in October 1971 to homologate the 240Z for Group 4 racing. Differences between the 240ZG and an export market Datsun 240Z include an extended fiberglass ‘aero-dyna’ nose, wider over-fenders riveted to the body, a rear spoiler, acrylic glass headlight covers and fender mounted rear view mirrors. The 240ZG was available in three colours: Grande Prix Red, Grande Prix White and Grande Prix Maroon. The “G” in 240ZG stands for “Grande.” Although the ZG was never sold outside Japan, in order for it to be eligible for competition in the U.S., Nissan sold the nose kit as a dealer’s option which is known as the “G-nose”.

In the words of the Notorious B.I.G. “and if you don’t know, now you know, *****!”

By the way, just because your S30 has headlight covers on it DOES NOT make it a G-Nose!

Here is a video:

240ZG on Youtube

370Z (What it should have looked like)

18 Oct

This should have been the successor to the 350Z. In all seriousness Nissan should have went retro with the next generation Z, I mean Inline six and all.

I found this photo-chop that a member posted up on My350z and I thought it was pretty cool. I don’t know who the original source of the photo is but props to you whomever you are.

Adam’s car circa late ’06/early ’07

17 Oct

I was digging through my old photos and I found these photos of an old photo shoot in front of the shop that Adam did after his motor build but prior to his exterior update. His car has since undergone a makeover (take a look at the header image at the top of the blog for reference) and the entire car has been repainted to ensure a perfect color match. We were well aware of the color variation between the hood and the front bumper in these photos, hence why we did not take long to respray everything and add on some new parts.