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Hip Hop is NOT Dead!

3 Nov

Q-Tip is back with a brand new album titled “The Renaissance.”

I think I might go pick up a Jansport backpack and a pair of Nike ACGs in celebration of this album coming out tomorrow.


Here are two tracks from his new album. If you can’t enjoy this, then I really don’t even know what to tell you.

As much as this is primarily an automobile blog, I feel music and automobiles go hand in hand.


Lucky SOB!

3 Nov

One of the members of just copped this Amuse CSL Dry Carbon Hood. God I am so jealous, this is easily the dopest hood i have seen anyone on the forums purchase. I can’t wait to see it installed!

Amuse CSL Dry Carbon Hood

Amuse CSL Dry Carbon Hood

HKS R35 GT570 Racing Package

3 Nov

This will be part of HKS’ planned product release for 2009.

The kit will consist of

  • Racing Extension Pipe (75mm)
  • Racing Center Pipe (75mm x2 – 85mm)
  • Intercooler Pipe Kit (Polished Alum.)
  • Pre-programmed EVC (JDM Spec)
  • Pressure Release Computer (PRC)
  • Super SQV Blow-off Valve Kit
  • Reinforced Actuators
  • Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs (M45HL)

Here is their disclaimer as per their website

The GT570 Racing Package is intended for off-road/motorsports use only. The GT570 package is not covered under HKS’ warranty and is sold as-is.

Kits are available via special order.

Function over Form

3 Nov

Caesar from Lightwerkz’ 2004 M3 looking poised to tear up any track in the tri-state area.

Props Caesar, the car is looking mighty aggressive right now. I wish I had Alcon brakes 😦

Timo – Quanto é?

3 Nov


“Oh the gas pedal is on the right?  Whoops….so sorry!”

Ah Timo, I hope it was worth it!!

Timo Glock – now the bane of Felipe Massa’s existence

Mazzoo’s Lamborghini Yellow Wald Widebody 350z

3 Nov

This car is so dope that after the body work had been completed in 2004 someone at Nissan decided that the 2005 model year 350z HAD to have yellow as a color option.

This car is disgusting! This car is still to this day far ahead of its time.

Chris never stops with this car and right now hes has some of the most impressive numbers for a twin turbo in the entire community. I can’t wait until the current round of motor modifications are completed. Last time on the dyno he accomplished 1013rwhp/863.2rwtq at 29Psi on his 4.2L stroked motor!

Office Tomitaku S30Z

3 Nov

Office Tomaitaku’s 1974 S30 powered by the a OS Giken TC24-B1engine.

A little history on the TC24 head:

In 1975, OS Giken made it’s memorable entry into the racing world with the its unparalleled Four Valve DOHC TC16-MAII/TC24-B1 engine and firmly established itself as one Japan’s most innovative race engineering companies.

There were only about 20 or so (maybe even less) of these heads made and they retailed for about $15,000 US 15 years ago. NUTS!

Office Tomitaku S30

Office Tomitaku S30

Listen to this thing being revved out…

1967 Volvo Amazon

3 Nov

This is quite possibly the coolest Volvo that I have ever seen. It was created by a tuner by the name of VOX and it was at the 2006 SEMA show. This thing isn’t all show and no go, its putting down 600hp!

Ooo a Roll bar and BBS LMs 🙂