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Barack Obama is our next President!

4 Nov

I’m glad I was fortunate enough to see America elect its first black president. This is a monumental occasion whether you supported him or not.

Congrats playa!




Hard as Nails!

4 Nov

I love the way Sequential EVO X looks especially with those Work XC8s on.

Sequential EVO X

Sequential EVO X

Eibach Pro Kit for GTR Now In Stock

4 Nov

Just arrived today!!  We’ve got 3 sets in stock and ready to go!

These springs were designed specifically around the stock Bilstein shocks, and lower the car .8 inches up front and .5 inches out back for an even, clean stance, and lower center of gravity. Springs are progressively wound, allowing them to retain a near OEM ride quality during day to day driving, but as the suspension compresses, they firm up to improve handling.


LMs and Prancing Horses

4 Nov

Sorry I really can’t kick this LM Habit. Ughhhh, I wish they came in the wheel specs i am looking for.

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Clean and Simple

4 Nov

A cool photo of a sleek FD…