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320whp of NA VQ35 Goodness

14 Nov

Figured some of you might want to see a quick video of my car in action.  This was taken last November, I think on Thanksgiving day, before headed to the parents for the festive meal (the run would have been significantly slower post-turkey!).  Since the weather here has been so crappy, and I’m dying to drive the car, I figured I’d post a quick video to remind myself what it feels like!

And here’s a picture of it before we dropped it into the car (spring 2007)


It’s not done yet – got a few more things to go !  Hopefully it all works out


R390 GT1 Yup!

14 Nov

Look at the beauty of this motor.

The VRH35L a  3.5 Liter Twin Turbo V8. Nice…



Datsun Z432, 1 of 420 ever built!

14 Nov

GTR S20 motor in an S30. I am in love, AGAIN!, lol 🙂

Z432 = Z Car, 4 valves per cylinder, 3 carburetors, and 2 cams. Thats right Dual Overhead Camshafts.


I even found a video of this beast revving up to 10K rpms! Damn, the HYPE is real!!!

Amuse Carbon R34 GT-R – More Photos

14 Nov

Let’s “bump” this back up with a couple more pictures…


F40 LM Replica

14 Nov

A damn good one at that. I really like the fitment of the front wheel, it looks good!.

Silver S30

14 Nov

One day I will build one of these just as smooth if not “smoother!”

Clean IS-F

14 Nov

I like everything on this IS-F, except for the wheels. I personally wouldn’t put such a tame wheel on such an otherwise aggressive looking car, but thats me. I still thought this car was blog worthy.

Who hasn’t seen the Rauh-Welt built Porsches by now?

14 Nov

Oh well, I liked these two photos so i am posting them anyway…



My New Wallpaper

14 Nov

I love this shot of the Calsonic/Team Impul JGTC Z33


Bee*R Fairlady Z

14 Nov