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I really like FDs

25 Nov

I just have no desire to deal with some of the problems associated with them…



Top Secret, Prodrive, Greddy, HKS, Amuse…

25 Nov

Another Cockpit Tatebayashi customer car

KW Variant III Coilover R35 GTR

25 Nov

Another new product announcement in the world of the GTR!  KW has just released their famed Variant III coilovers for the R35.  These have been long time favorites of ours, as they are one of the few coilovers that literally can go from street to track without compromising performance in either venue.  That’s a tall order for an aftermarket suspension to do. 

The Variant III feature dual height adjustment front and rear, allowing you to lower your GTR without affecting spring preload (which preserves full damper travel). In addition, you have 14 way low speed compression adjustment, as well as fully independant adjustment of rebound, allowing you to tailor these to suit and road, track, and tire combination you can think of!

These reuse existing upper mounts, allowing for a car that remains civilized on even the roughest roads, free of the noise and clunks that plague many lesser aftermarket coilovers.

We have them available for immediate shipping, contact us for best pricing!


Bayside R34

25 Nov



One of my all-time favorites

25 Nov
Attkd Z33 RS

Attkd Z33 RS

So Fresh… So Clean

25 Nov