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Z Car Garage GTR R35

2 Dec

I’d have to say that this is my favorite GTR out of all that I have seen. Yeah you can say I’m pretty easily satisfied. I think its just the stance and the monochromatic color scheme that this car has, I love it!


More pictures on their blog:
Z Car Garage R35


Year End 350Z/G35 Haltech Blow Out Sale!!!

2 Dec

We’re a bit overstocked and need to make room, so from now till end of the year, we’re doing insane deals on the Haltech Platinum for the 350Z/G35!



For those not familiar with what this awesome piece of equipment does, here are the specs!

 End User Tunable (not locked like some EMS on the market)

· Sequential Fuel and Ignition Control (32×32)

· Cylinder Trim Tables for each injector and ignition coil (8×8)

· Complete Intake and Exhaust Cam Control (03-05’ Intake Cam control only) (24×24)

· Configurable Load and RPM points for all tuning tables

· Tuning via MAF, TPS, or MAP

· Fuel tuning by Volumetric Efficiency (VE) or Injection Time (MS)

· Map Trace

· Knock Detection

· Open/Closed Loop Boost Control

· Dual Closed Loop 02 Control

· Onboard Data Logging

· USB Communication (no outdated Serial cable required)

· New Windows Tuning Software, ‘Haltech ECU Manager’

· 32Bit Microprocessor, 55MHz

· Plug and Play Loom

· Auxiliary two-step rev limiter

· User Configurable Inputs and Outputs (coming soon in a free software update)

· Nitrous and Meth Injection Control (coming soon in a free software update)

· Knock Control (coming soon in a free software update)


Contact us for best possible pricing!

Crashed Hard drive

2 Dec

Little bros came into town for Thanksgiving and now my comp is FUBARed. Lost all my pictures and links and what not. I had to fire up my old ass computer from College, which is what I am posting on now. Windows NT sucks! I’ll try and update the blog later on today.