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OG Stradale

5 Dec

We got into an interesting discussion today at work about the origin of some suffixes”you see on so many cars.  It began with us discussion “Superleggera”, which many now identify with Lamborghini, but in actuality, was a specific manufacturing process started back in the first half of the 20th century.  So I started thinking, what cars were the first to use interesting suffixes we might think of today.

Everyone who is into cars knows Ferrari’s 430 Challenge Stradale.  Stradale means street, and the name certainly makes sense, as it’s Ferrar’s street going version of the Challenge race car.  The first example I could find of Stradale being used in the name of a car was this stunning Alfa Romeo Type 33 (which interestingly is now part of the Fiat family, like Ferrari).  This is automotive art personifiedalfastradale

Interestingly enough, it also was one of the few cars to use the literal Superleggera production method, which consists of essentially a full tube chassis car, that the exterior aluminum panels then closely follow.  Aston Martin used them on several cars from the 50’s and 60’s, including the gorgeou DB5 (Bond, James Bond).  But back to this Alfa.  One of 14, yep, just 14, ever made.  And you thought your GTR might be rare!