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What Recession?

20 Dec

Every year, there is a big auction in Gstaad, Switerland that always features some amazing cars.  Just a few examples being auctioned off today:

Auction items range from simple memorabilia, to insanely rare (and expensive) automobiles.  I’ll try to find out what some of these cars changed hands for over the next couple of days.  Some in particular, such as the silver 212 Syder and the Ex Works red 121LM (driven by Phil Hill, Eugenio Castellotti, Umberto Maglioli, Carroll Shelby) are expected to sell several million a piece!

Knowing your Relatives

20 Dec

 I love the historic aspect of the car hobby, and lately, I’ve been digging hard on the 60’s era sports cars.  Like the Alfa we featured here a few weeks back, this time just had so much style to it.  And the lines are evoked in many of today’s sports and racing cars.

Enter the R380.  This car was developed by the Prince Motor Company for racing back in the early 60’s, after the Skyline models had failed to beat Porsche at certain key events.   Development continued on this new mid engine design chassis,  and debuted in 1965, winning several top speed endurance records.   Nissan Merged with the Prince Motor Company in 1966, and development work continued on the R380 to ready it for competition.  Later that year,  the cars made their motorsports debut at the Grand Prix of Japan, and took first and second place.  Eventually the cars were fitted with a variety of engines, including US based V8’s (Chevy 5.5 liter), all the way up to a racing version of Price/Nissan’s own 6 liter V12.nissan3801



I just love the classic lines this car has.  It was obviously made, in many ways, to mimic Porsche’s 904, and it has that classic GT based shape.  Nissan restored the 380RS in the mid 90’s.  I can’t help but think that when Nissan set out the make the last “special” Z33, that the choice to go with a 3.8 liter engine, and designate the car the 380RS, was more than a coincidence.  Looks a bit like Speed Racer’s Mach V too, don’t you think?

If anyone has any additional pictures/videos of this car in action, send ’em my way!

Found this video as well of the car – too short, but very cool.  Sounds amazing!