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M5 + Dymag =

8 Dec

A helluva setup!  Just a random shot I came across tonight while surfing.

Two huge thumbs up to the owner!


Daishin C-West Z33 JGTC

7 Dec
Daishin C West Z33 JGTC Car

Daishin C West Z33 JGTC Car

Just an awesome machine

I had the pleasure to see it up close and personal at the 2004 GT Live Event in Fontana, CA.   We flew across the country for a weekend just for the chance to see some of the most insane race cars on the planet.  We had an absolutely amazing time!

Christmas Clearance Sale- HKS Kansai Titanium Front Strut Brace Evo 7-9

7 Dec

We’ve got a limited number available and are offering them up at a special price to get them off the shelves and onto your car!

This is a full titanium front strut brace, weighs in at approximately 2.4 lbs!

These are fully, genuine Kansai braces, not replicas.  They are a direct fit for the Evo 7-9, and attaches to the body in 3 points

HKS Kansai Titanium Strut Brace Evo 7-9

HKS Kansai Titanium Strut Brace Evo 7-9

This brace used to sell at $600.00…..but like I said, we’re clearing them out.  We usually DETEST doing the whole ‘PM for price’ thing but this time we have to.  What I can promise is that if you are able to even find the brace anymore, no one will give you the deal we can!

If you’ve been looking for a titanium front strut brace for your 7-9 (most of them are now discontinued, or special order with extended wait times), this is an unbeatable deal.  Contact us at 631-863-3820, via email at, or via AIM at Z1Auto for best pricing!

Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers for 350Z/G35

7 Dec

We just got a new shipment in, so figured I’d let everyone know

The new PSS10 is a step up from where the PSS9 left off. Adding an extra level of dampening adjustment (now 10 total clicks of adjustment front and rear), these units have monotube dampers, fully galvanized housings, and feature spring rates of 370 lbs front, and a progressive rear rate of 240-420 lbs rear.

The biggest change to the PSS10 vs the 9 is the adjustment knob – the new knob is much easier to use, with larger numbers. Since the size increased, it’s now easier to feel the adjustment clicks as well. They also added an additional level of adjustment. Total span of adjustment between full stiff and full soft is approximately 30%. These are the ideal coilover for someone who wants the ability to adjust height and dampening, but who also demands a quiet, solid, european inspired ride (firm, but well controlled, without being rigid and unforgiving).

We are pricing the new sets as an introductory special of $1595 shipped in the 48 states – we’ve got 6 kits ready to go at this price

Don’t have a 350Z?  No problem!  We have these ready to go for BMW, Porsche, and still have some PSS9 for Evo and Subaru’s at year end prices!

OG Stradale

5 Dec

We got into an interesting discussion today at work about the origin of some suffixes”you see on so many cars.  It began with us discussion “Superleggera”, which many now identify with Lamborghini, but in actuality, was a specific manufacturing process started back in the first half of the 20th century.  So I started thinking, what cars were the first to use interesting suffixes we might think of today.

Everyone who is into cars knows Ferrari’s 430 Challenge Stradale.  Stradale means street, and the name certainly makes sense, as it’s Ferrar’s street going version of the Challenge race car.  The first example I could find of Stradale being used in the name of a car was this stunning Alfa Romeo Type 33 (which interestingly is now part of the Fiat family, like Ferrari).  This is automotive art personifiedalfastradale

Interestingly enough, it also was one of the few cars to use the literal Superleggera production method, which consists of essentially a full tube chassis car, that the exterior aluminum panels then closely follow.  Aston Martin used them on several cars from the 50’s and 60’s, including the gorgeou DB5 (Bond, James Bond).  But back to this Alfa.  One of 14, yep, just 14, ever made.  And you thought your GTR might be rare!

Z Car Garage GTR R35

2 Dec

I’d have to say that this is my favorite GTR out of all that I have seen. Yeah you can say I’m pretty easily satisfied. I think its just the stance and the monochromatic color scheme that this car has, I love it!


More pictures on their blog:
Z Car Garage R35

Year End 350Z/G35 Haltech Blow Out Sale!!!

2 Dec

We’re a bit overstocked and need to make room, so from now till end of the year, we’re doing insane deals on the Haltech Platinum for the 350Z/G35!



For those not familiar with what this awesome piece of equipment does, here are the specs!

 End User Tunable (not locked like some EMS on the market)

· Sequential Fuel and Ignition Control (32×32)

· Cylinder Trim Tables for each injector and ignition coil (8×8)

· Complete Intake and Exhaust Cam Control (03-05’ Intake Cam control only) (24×24)

· Configurable Load and RPM points for all tuning tables

· Tuning via MAF, TPS, or MAP

· Fuel tuning by Volumetric Efficiency (VE) or Injection Time (MS)

· Map Trace

· Knock Detection

· Open/Closed Loop Boost Control

· Dual Closed Loop 02 Control

· Onboard Data Logging

· USB Communication (no outdated Serial cable required)

· New Windows Tuning Software, ‘Haltech ECU Manager’

· 32Bit Microprocessor, 55MHz

· Plug and Play Loom

· Auxiliary two-step rev limiter

· User Configurable Inputs and Outputs (coming soon in a free software update)

· Nitrous and Meth Injection Control (coming soon in a free software update)

· Knock Control (coming soon in a free software update)


Contact us for best possible pricing!

Crashed Hard drive

2 Dec

Little bros came into town for Thanksgiving and now my comp is FUBARed. Lost all my pictures and links and what not. I had to fire up my old ass computer from College, which is what I am posting on now. Windows NT sucks! I’ll try and update the blog later on today.