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Tamon Design S2000

12 Jan

Don’t like the color but the kit definitely has potential.

Endless Z34 @ TAS 2009

12 Jan

Signature Endless Blue Paint, Ings Z34 front spoiler, Bride seats and humongous brakes front and rear.

Come on Kent and Dom get your people to release that rotor pattern (for your non-monoblock BBKs 😉 )to the public already. There are idiots like me wanting to buy it for no good reason.

***Spoke to Dom today and these rotors (dubbed “e-slit”) have been available for their monoblock BBKs since January of 2008 (Yeah, seriously where the F have I been). They have recently begun producing these for OE sized applications as well.

The benefit of this rotor design is to increase modulation and reduce brake judder. I also found out the rear kit on this car is the brand new 4 piston monoblock setup that is new for ’09. The front kit is the 6 piston monoblock that has been out for some time now.***


Random F1 Car Pictures…

12 Jan

Peeped to Posted…