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MCR/ARC Titanium 996 GT3 Exhaust

13 Jan

Found these pictures on Minkara and thought they were interesting.

Tamon Design customer car…

13 Jan

JZA80 Supra Kit on a Customer car.

Tamon Design FD and FC

13 Jan

Some more random photos I’ve found of Tamon Design’s Mazda offerings…

Whiteline Suspension Products Now Available!

13 Jan

In our neverending quest to bring the best aftermarket performance parts to our clients, we are proud to announce we are now carrying the full range of Whiteline products! 

Whiteline is an Australian suspension manufacturing firm that was founded i the 1960’s.  In the world of aftermarket performance, that is several lifetimes ago!  They are well known particularly in the Subaru and Mitsubishi worlds as offering a variety of affordable suspension solutions tailored for a range of users.  From street to track, Whiteline has you covered.  They also offer parts for many other popular enthusiast  models, such as the Mini Cooper and Cooper S, Toyota Celica, Toyota Supra, and more!

We are constantly adding their products to our website.  If you have any specific questions, or need pricing information, just drop us a line:


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