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Whiteline Black Box Controller

23 Jan
Whiteline Black Box Controller

Whiteline Black Box Controller

Whiteline just released this very neat device for 2003-2006 350Z’s that have VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control).  VDC is a vehicle stability software program that integrats through the C.A.N network on the Z, and uses the brakes, throttle, and steering angle.  Essentially it’s an anti skid setup.   The problem many have encountered is that on track days, VDC kicks on way too easily, and it really interferes with the fun.   There is a VDC off button, but as owners quickly find out, it’s never really off.

Whiteline now has a controller, that integrates with the factory VDC module, and allows the user to tailor it to best suit their driving style.  Allows you to store presets for various conditions, tracks.  Alot of possibilities seem possible. 

Check if out in action – very trick piece

To purchase, just give us a shout – we’re pricing them at $550.00.  Or, just order it off the website:

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