New Blacktop Aero Carbon Rear Diffuser 2008 + STi

24 Jan

Another new, hot product for the GRB STi.  Blacktop Aero has a slick carbon fiber rear diffuser arriving soon.  It attaches simply and easily to the existing rear “diffuser” that is already integrated into the rear bumper.  Will add a nice touch to your STi, especially when combo’d with the new Blacktop Aero carbon front lip.  In addition, there are new carbon aprons that are sold separately, to help round out the rear carbon look as well.  These can be used with or without the diffuser.  To place a preorder, let us know!

Carbon Rear Diffuser – $379 + shipping
Carbon Rear Aprons – $279 for the pair + shipping

Z1 Performance
AIM: z1auto


One Response to “New Blacktop Aero Carbon Rear Diffuser 2008 + STi”

  1. Roman B March 15, 2013 at 3:38 AM #

    could you guys make a rear diffuser with single exhaust exit on the passenger side for the people that prefer to have single exhaust, there are lots of people that would be interested since single exhausts are cheaper, make more power and weigh a lot less.

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