Mike’s New Bride

25 Jan

A little while ago we showed you a super clean Z32 Twin Turbo from down south.  Well, we just got pictures of the car with the new carbon/kevlar Bride Gias installed!  With the red stitching accent going well with the shift knob, shift boot and Nardi wheel, this is an interior I’d love to spend time in.  Car looks great Mike, keep it up!


One Response to “Mike’s New Bride”

  1. Teddy January 25, 2009 at 6:51 PM #

    Ah, Utter Bliss.

    Unfortunately in my short driving career I can already claim the life of a 300zx NA. Ever since I sold the NA with a blown motor for a fraction of the price I have wanted to beg for it back.

    That 300z look like a sexy beast…. thanks for posting.

    Keep up the posting, you guys have a great Blog.

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