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20 Feb


There have been many rare Porsche’s over the years.  One of the most exclusive, but often overlooked, is the 968 Turbo S.  The car was produced in extremely limited numbers in 1993.  In fact, to the best records I’ve been able to find, only 15 were ever made! 

The Turbo S was based on the European spec 968 CS (Club Sport), which was a factory lightweight version of the 968 model, but with a heart and soul based in the even rarer Turbo RS model.   The car featured a SOHC head, 2.9 liters of displacement, 4 cylinder engine.  Compression ratio was super low at 7.5:1, and yet it still pumped out 305 hp and 269 ft. lbs of torque, from its single KKK turbo.  0-60 was tested at 4.7 seconds, and the quarter mile was tested at 13.0 at 112 mph.  Quite the performer for the day!  Imagine what we could do today with increased compression and boost and today’s modern standalone systems!

The car weighed in at a scant 2800lbs and change, and had a fully sorted suspension, 4 piston front calipers and 18×8 front, 18×10 rear Speedline 3 piece wheels. 

I love the rare stuff!  I’m putting together another entry about the 968 Turbo RS…stay tuned!