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Eibach Springs for 370Z!!

30 Mar


Eibach Pro Kit Nissan 370Z - Click to Order!

Eibach Pro Kit Nissan 370Z - Click to Order!

Just got word that we’ll be getting these very soon.

Here is the skinny:

Lowers the car .9 inches up front, .8 inches out back

OE spring rates are 422 lbs front, 450 lbs rear, linear

Eibach spring rates are 239-479 lbs front (progressive), 217-530 lbs rear (progressive)

The progressive rates are an Eibach staple, and allow the car to maintain a comfortable, factory like ride under normal driving conditions, and then firm up as the car is pushed harder. 

Price: $265 shipped for the set – just click the picture to place your order and reserve a set for yourself as these are sure to be hot sellers!


Toda Racing NSX Engine

29 Mar

Not sure of the exact specs, (I think this is their GT300 engine kit) but it looks sexy !

Classic Rewind: Moby Dick

29 Mar


Does it get any better than this?  The classic 935 factory race car evoloved to become known as “Moby Dick”.  The name was well deserved, as Norbert Singer,  Motorsport Director at Porsche at the time, took the FIA regulations to the max.  This car was an absolute animal and it’s one of those cars that I think serves as a bridge between old and new school.  We’re talking technology that was developed in the mid to late 70’s, yet the engine netted approximately 750 hp, 8200 rpm redline from its 3.2 liter, twin turbo flat 6.  This used mechanical fuel injection, and a ridiculously low compression ratio of just 7:1.  Just imagine what this exact engine could do today with a Motec alone, let alone with a more modern compression ratio!  Even with the technological limitations of the day, it still had a top speed of 227 mph, and was said to clock 0-60 in 2.6 seconds.  Porsche is on another level!

The Martini livery is iconic, and suits the car absolutely perfectly.  An insanely rare car, that just about every motorsport enthusiast knows – and that’s what makes it a classic.

Rare Carbon Inside

26 Mar

Received an air shipment from Japan today with a VERY rare piece for a customer.  “H” likes all things NISMO.  I know his tastes pretty well, since they mirror many of my own.  He wants a car that is truly his own, but one that could have (read should have!) come from the factory that way.  Towards that end, he is one of the few out there that has a genuine NISMO Japan V1 aero kit (JDM skirts and all!), the NISMO performance dampers front and rear, and other cool stuff. 

So “H” gets in touch with us a few weeks ago to source a very rare piece.  The NISMO V2 carbon center blade.  This might not sound like a big deal to many out there, since there are umpteen replicas out there that sport a carbon center section on the V2 spoiler.  But “H” doesn’t want replica…he wants real.  Fast forward a few weeks and it’s in front of us today.  The only other car I have ever seen this part on was the NISMO RS Concept from a few years back.  Exclusive indeed!

NISMO RS Concept

NISMO RS Concept

You’ll notice one of the pics has the blade sitting up against some rather meaty R888’s.  We’ll share those tomorrow !

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! COOL RUNNINGS!

21 Mar

Hahaha, no one probably remembers that horrible ass movie.

In any case your boy had some time today to install some stuff and I thought I’d share. Nothing to crazy, ARC radiator I posted ages ago on this blog and an Nismo Power Steering Cooler.

Whiteline Swaybars for 350Z/G35

14 Mar
Whiteline Swaybars 350Z/G35 - Click to Order!

Whiteline Swaybars 350Z/G35 - Click to Order!

We just received our first batch of Whiteline adjustable swaybars for the 350z and G35.  I gotta say, I am very impressed!  My own personal ‘default’ sways up till this point was Cusco.  I’ve run these on my own car for several years and they have served me well.  My only 2 complaints, and they were minor, was the lack of adjustability out back, and the fact that they resused the stock bushings.  Over time, the stock rubber bushings begin to crack and degrade (as I found out last summer – urethane to the rescue!)

The Whiteline bars take a page right out of Cusco’s playbook, but steps it up a notch.   These are solid steel bars, not hollow like Hotchkis, etc.  Hollow bars work great as well – it’s really personal preference at the end of the day.  I personally like the heavier, solid bars as they help to further lower the center of gravity of the car, by placing the weight low in the chassis.

The Whitelines measure 32mm up front (2 way adjustable), and 20mm out back (3 way adjustable).  They have integrated collars front and back to prevent the sways from walking in their mounts.  Plus, they include urethane bushings front and rear, and all hardware needed for the install.

A nice setup that is fully adjustable – all at an awesome price!  Click the picture above to order yours.

Greddy Informeter Touch

14 Mar



Touch screen gadgets are everywhere nowadays.  From ATM’s, to cell phones to remote controls, it’s just the next logical progression in how we interact with our electronics.

Here is a really cool example of touch screen technology that is totally useful!  Greddy’s Informeter Touch is an all in one data viewing device that moniters various OBD2 information, datalog and record up to 15 minutes worth of information, as well as estimate power output of your engine, clock acceleration, moniter check engine lights, and more.

Comes with all the required cables and connects right to your OBD2 port.  The screen measures just 2.95 inches x 4.2 inches x .63 inches thick.

It also integrats with other Greddy electronics, such as the VAFC, and Emanage.  Plus, it will allow you to connect an external wideband air fuel gauge, etc.

The best part is the price!  Just $342 shipped in the 48 states…pretty amazing for a device as compact, and useful as this is.   Just click the picture above to order yours.

Project Kics Heptagon Caliber 24 Lug Nuts

10 Mar

For those of you asked, these are the lug nuts I chose to go with. I hope you like them and if you dont well too bad. 🙂

Click here to order!


10 Mar

Saw this photo from the Pre M Fest Meet.

997 + Dymag Wheels + Monoblock Brembos =

Here are more photos if you interested in seeing them: Click Here!

One of the dopest garages I’ve ever seen…

10 Mar

Saw this posted by a user from NY on My350z. I know there are only two cars shown but if you are truly a car guy then you should also be a garage guy. Therefore you can appreciate how dope this layout is.

My father and I just finished building a new garage for us to work in and him to store his cars. I spend a good amount of time here detailing as well. It took us about two years if you include planning.

It is in a residential neighborhood so zoning and planning of this project was tricky. We wanted it to look like a house from the street as to not upset our neighbors or draw attention.

The downstairs is a 9 car garage with storage, bathroom, etc.. You can’t see it from the front but if you follow the driveway to the back of the house there are 3 large garage doors.

Upstairs is a 2500 sqft. 3 br. 2 bath apartment (with its own 1 car garage) that we wanted to rent out but can’t due to the town regulations.

These pictures were taken quickly at the end of construction. We still needed to do some cleanup at this point.

….I Took the Road Less Traveled

8 Mar


Friends, nice weather, and enjoyable cars – does it get any better?

(photo courtesy of ASM-Japan Blog)

APR GTC200 Spoiler for Elise

8 Mar

APR has just released their new GTC200 spoiler for the Elise.  A great way to add much needed downforce to your track monster or street car!  These are not your run of the mill rice-tastic spoilers….these actually work.  APR uses Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis (CFD) on each application, to ensure it performs as good as it looks. 

The GTC200 meansures 59.5 inches long, 10 inches tall.  Includes everything needed for a pain free install.

MSRP is set at $825.00, but of course, generous discounts are available.

Contact us to purchase this, or any other APR products for your car!

Cool, Shiny Bits

7 Mar

A customer of ours in the UK recently blew the engine on his Evo X.  As a glass half full type of guy, he decided it presented the perfect opportunity to build it stronger than before!

We stepped up with a set of Buschur-spec JE .20 overbore Forged Pistons with coated skirts, as well as Carrillo’s Pro H connecting rods with their unique CARR’s rod bolts.  These bolts are special in that they can be retorqued an infinite number of times without stretching.  These are among the best hardware money can buy!

For more info on Carrillo or JE, just give us a shout!

For Cheston… Another Voltex Wing Photo

6 Mar


Speaking of which… WTF Voltex, whats really good with your brake kit?

They need to step it up with their brake kit with such an over the top body kit and the open design of the TM-02s. That carbon front piece is dope as hell though.


BBS LMs are like…

6 Mar

… Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce; no matter what you put them on it just makes it THAT MUCH BETTER!

Yeah thats right! I’m black and I made a reference to BBQ sauce, so what? 🙂