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For Cheston… Another Voltex Wing Photo

6 Mar


Speaking of which… WTF Voltex, whats really good with your brake kit?

They need to step it up with their brake kit with such an over the top body kit and the open design of the TM-02s. That carbon front piece is dope as hell though.


BBS LMs are like…

6 Mar

… Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce; no matter what you put them on it just makes it THAT MUCH BETTER!

Yeah thats right! I’m black and I made a reference to BBQ sauce, so what? 🙂

Lucky S.O.B.

6 Mar

Someone is going to be enjoying themselves… and it’s not me!


Mr. Met…or Mr. Knick?

6 Mar

Cheston representing NY Sports team over in Cali, lol!

Seriously no one but you can pull this color combo off. It fits your energetic personality.