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Project Kics Heptagon Caliber 24 Lug Nuts

10 Mar

For those of you asked, these are the lug nuts I chose to go with. I hope you like them and if you dont well too bad. 🙂

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10 Mar

Saw this photo from the Pre M Fest Meet.

997 + Dymag Wheels + Monoblock Brembos =

Here are more photos if you interested in seeing them: Click Here!

One of the dopest garages I’ve ever seen…

10 Mar

Saw this posted by a user from NY on My350z. I know there are only two cars shown but if you are truly a car guy then you should also be a garage guy. Therefore you can appreciate how dope this layout is.

My father and I just finished building a new garage for us to work in and him to store his cars. I spend a good amount of time here detailing as well. It took us about two years if you include planning.

It is in a residential neighborhood so zoning and planning of this project was tricky. We wanted it to look like a house from the street as to not upset our neighbors or draw attention.

The downstairs is a 9 car garage with storage, bathroom, etc.. You can’t see it from the front but if you follow the driveway to the back of the house there are 3 large garage doors.

Upstairs is a 2500 sqft. 3 br. 2 bath apartment (with its own 1 car garage) that we wanted to rent out but can’t due to the town regulations.

These pictures were taken quickly at the end of construction. We still needed to do some cleanup at this point.