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Whiteline Swaybars for 350Z/G35

14 Mar
Whiteline Swaybars 350Z/G35 - Click to Order!

Whiteline Swaybars 350Z/G35 - Click to Order!

We just received our first batch of Whiteline adjustable swaybars for the 350z and G35.  I gotta say, I am very impressed!  My own personal ‘default’ sways up till this point was Cusco.  I’ve run these on my own car for several years and they have served me well.  My only 2 complaints, and they were minor, was the lack of adjustability out back, and the fact that they resused the stock bushings.  Over time, the stock rubber bushings begin to crack and degrade (as I found out last summer – urethane to the rescue!)

The Whiteline bars take a page right out of Cusco’s playbook, but steps it up a notch.   These are solid steel bars, not hollow like Hotchkis, etc.  Hollow bars work great as well – it’s really personal preference at the end of the day.  I personally like the heavier, solid bars as they help to further lower the center of gravity of the car, by placing the weight low in the chassis.

The Whitelines measure 32mm up front (2 way adjustable), and 20mm out back (3 way adjustable).  They have integrated collars front and back to prevent the sways from walking in their mounts.  Plus, they include urethane bushings front and rear, and all hardware needed for the install.

A nice setup that is fully adjustable – all at an awesome price!  Click the picture above to order yours.

Greddy Informeter Touch

14 Mar



Touch screen gadgets are everywhere nowadays.  From ATM’s, to cell phones to remote controls, it’s just the next logical progression in how we interact with our electronics.

Here is a really cool example of touch screen technology that is totally useful!  Greddy’s Informeter Touch is an all in one data viewing device that moniters various OBD2 information, datalog and record up to 15 minutes worth of information, as well as estimate power output of your engine, clock acceleration, moniter check engine lights, and more.

Comes with all the required cables and connects right to your OBD2 port.  The screen measures just 2.95 inches x 4.2 inches x .63 inches thick.

It also integrats with other Greddy electronics, such as the VAFC, and Emanage.  Plus, it will allow you to connect an external wideband air fuel gauge, etc.

The best part is the price!  Just $342 shipped in the 48 states…pretty amazing for a device as compact, and useful as this is.   Just click the picture above to order yours.