Rare Carbon Inside

26 Mar

Received an air shipment from Japan today with a VERY rare piece for a customer.  “H” likes all things NISMO.  I know his tastes pretty well, since they mirror many of my own.  He wants a car that is truly his own, but one that could have (read should have!) come from the factory that way.  Towards that end, he is one of the few out there that has a genuine NISMO Japan V1 aero kit (JDM skirts and all!), the NISMO performance dampers front and rear, and other cool stuff. 

So “H” gets in touch with us a few weeks ago to source a very rare piece.  The NISMO V2 carbon center blade.  This might not sound like a big deal to many out there, since there are umpteen replicas out there that sport a carbon center section on the V2 spoiler.  But “H” doesn’t want replica…he wants real.  Fast forward a few weeks and it’s in front of us today.  The only other car I have ever seen this part on was the NISMO RS Concept from a few years back.  Exclusive indeed!

NISMO RS Concept

NISMO RS Concept

You’ll notice one of the pics has the blade sitting up against some rather meaty R888’s.  We’ll share those tomorrow !


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