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Giga What?

16 Apr



So by now most who follow motorsports, and Nissan in particular, know that the GTR is going to be competing in the FIA Champsionships ion the GT1 Class.  Gigaware Motorosports is going to be campaigning one of the cars, and they set up this really cool site to stream race info, videos, etc.  Definitely worth checking out:

Do we need FIA GT here in the US…uuuhhhmmm….hell yeah!


Bad ass set of Work Varianza T1S’…

16 Apr

We have this set of Work Varianza T1S’ in stock… These are so hot they are blog worthy! I love em!



WORK Varianza T1S

20×9.5 +15 R-Disk 5-114.3 (MDB) Black Rim

20×10.5 +0 O-Disk 5-114.3 (MDB) Black Rim


Work Varianza T1S

Work Varianza T1S

Click here for more Information!

…and for those of you who have a problem visualizing how sick these are visualize this!



Pictures courtesy of MY350z.

*I’m unsure if the wheels on the car pictured above are the same sizes and offsets as the set we have but  still they are the shit!

CF40 & CF43… an HRE and Dymag Collabo

16 Apr

Thought I’d share for those who haven’t seen these yet, I’m sure some/most have…