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Orange Crush Installed

25 Apr

A couple shots of G’s awesome NSX.  He went full Team Orange…quick release, steering wheel and Works Bell Hub.  Compliments the color scheme of the car perfectly

Orange Crush

25 Apr

Just got in the Works Bell Team Orange steering wheels – pretty cool stuff.  I know it’s a bit washed out looking, not sure what I did differently on this pic.  A rare, rare piece indeed (in stock if you want one!) 

Barry’s New Shoes

25 Apr

For your viewing pleasure – Advan RS, 18×9 +45 in gunmetal for his ’08 STi.  Fitting 265’s on these – should look fierce.  Barry – shoot me some installed pics please so we can show off all the new toys!


25 Apr

Kwame and I both had one yesterday – that Shaun’s car is going to be one of   the baddest Z’s out there, period, game over, when she is all done.  For those  that don’t know or remember, this is the car getting the Amuse Superleggerawidebody (genuine, thank you very much). 

 Kwame got his hands dirty fitting the front spacers yesterday, and it was the first time we were able to see the wheels and tires mounted with the car on the ground – sexy time, go make hand party….

Next up – Shaun’s gotta get his ass on down here so he can coordinate things with the body shop.