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Spring has Sprung

26 Apr

Was doing my normal Sunday morning ritual surfing around the net for cool stuff and came across some video excerpts from an awesome documentary on Cosworth engine builds.  It had a pretty minimal number of views and was only posted a month or so ago – “wow, cool” I thought.  Then of course I head over to Eric Hsu’s Blog – Beyond the Dyno. Of course, he had ’em posted (no shit, since he works there!). Anyway, good stuff, worth watching if you’re curious as to how important a valvespring is in the grand scheme of things.


Drop Dead Gorgeous Redhead

26 Apr

Not content to rest on their laurels, the guys at Garage Saurus have continued development work on their amazing 550 project.  Latest additions include dual HKS F-Cons, and Quantum coilovers.  New Panasports coming soon too.

Pictures courtest of their blog (see link in our blog roll).  This car is simply fantastic!