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Evo Mini Meet

27 Apr

This past week, a bunch of our local Evo crew got together, as they do every week. OG’s mix with new members, and it’s a very relaxed, calm atmosphere. Just bs’ing, grabbing some coffee, and talking about mods, forum clowns, and life in general. Some pics courtesy of Illmatic (what up Alchy!)

Someone tell Mike he needs to be lowered with the quickness!


Night Falls on Virginia

27 Apr

Ross, a good customer of ours from Virigina, called us a few weeks ago and began gathering some ASM parts for his spring makeover. Just got the final result pictures today, and they turned out great! The ASM hood is easily my favorite right now – clean and aggressive all at the same time. ASM front bumper + canards, combined with NISMO US spec sideskirts and Chargespeed rear bumper round out the bodykit. First time I think I’ve seen the ASM parts in black – looks really clean. New SSR Type F wheels in black finish out the sinister look. The car already had the Stoptech brakes front/rear and rides on Bilstein coilovers. Props go out to his bodyshop D&V Autobody for a job well done!