Adam’s Project Z33: Update – NISMO Garage Door Moulding

9 May

Haven’t done an update on my car in a bit, so figured it was time. Last weekend I actually got to drive the car with the ITB’s! Wasn’t a long drive, only about 20 minutes, but it felt good to take her out for a spin after laying dormant the past 5 months. More to come soon as we get the tuning done, etc. Fingers crossed it nets a gain over what I had previously!

Since Shaun’s car left today and we’ve got more room now, I was able to do some minor work to my car. We’ve actually been doing quite a bit to the car lately, trying to get the ITB setup all done. In preparation we swapped over to the ’07 + radiator support, since it has dual inlets (one per side) to help feed them some cooler air. I also ditched the UTEC in favor of a Haltech. At some point I’ll get to install the cool Racepak dash cluster, but I have a feeling that’s still a few months off right now.

I’ll say this much – I must be a total NISMO whore, because I actually forked over the $ to buy the NISMO lower “guard” for my front bumper. It’s basically a long, $60 piece of what is effectively garage door moulding, that you can buy at any hardware store. Except this comes in a NISMO bag with some sort of certificate of authenticity. I guess that’s so you can flash it to people to prove you didn’t go the Home Depot route. Kwame ordered one up for his car and said I should get one for myself – so I did, without realizing I could have done this way cheaper, but so it goes. I really have no practical purpose for it. As low as my car is, this front bumper seems a touch longer than others, so I just don’t have the issues over speed bumps that I did before. I just wanted some black contrast at the bottom of the bumper. I had a lip on the car this time last year that took me all day to mold into shape, and it looked awesome. But it was too damn low and I kept having to nurse it around. This piece is not nearly as tall, and it’s flexible, so it should do well.

I cannot wait for this phase of things to be done so I can enjoy her again!


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