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Ferrari 599XX-Chester NG Photography

27 May

… I love his photos.


More 599XX Pictures


SSR Professor SP1(80)

27 May

I don’t like these 180SXs all that much, but I’d rock this one without a doubt.

UEFA Champions League Final Today @ 2:30pm!!!

27 May

ManU Vs. Barca (Manchester United vs. Barcelona for those not “in the know”). Should be a good game, I hope that Barcelona wins since I don’t like Manchester United at all. I’m a big Michael Essien fan and therefore a Chelsea supporter, but we know how their bid for the UEFA Championship went 😦 .

Tune into ESPN 360 if you’re not near a TV. If you’re not a soccer fan or never really got into it, today might be a good oppurtunity to see some really good players displaying some excellent skill.


ESPN @ 2:30pm EST

ESPN @ 2:30pm EST

Ah Hmm…

27 May

I’m not sure how I feel about the Ings EVO X Front bumper…


I do like the Carbon Fiber ducts at the bottom though.