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Adam’s Z33 Project Update

30 May

Had a little while to get some work done on my car today. Because we are temporarily disabling the drive by wire as part of the ongoing ITB project, I sent the ecu out to Injected to have it flashed so I can avoid any annoying CEL’s. When it came time to bolt the ecu back into place, I realized that I had accidentally sold the stock ecu bracket to the guy that purchased my UTEC! No big deal though, a quick email down to Jim at Turbo Toys and a new one was on it’s way to me. If you are ever in need of a part for your Z or Supra, Jim is the man to talk to – tons of stock, fair prices and he ships quickly.

new530b 001

With the ecu bracket in hand, I was able to bolt it back into place and put the passenger side interior panels back in. Sure beats having the stuff just hanging out on the floor. I really wish they would have developed some sort of bracket for the Haltech though. It’s a fairly big box, and what’s more, the harness that it takes is really bulky. It all fits in there, but it would be alot cleaner if they had some sort of hardware included.

new530b 002

new530b 003

Much cleaner now! The 2 wires on the bottom are the USB for the laptop, and the connector for the Racepak dash which will soon be occupying this space:

new530b 004

I sent my existing cluster/housing and the Racepak up to our stereo guru in Connecticut, Dave at Performance Outfitters Group to work his magic. I can’t wait till this chapter of the car is done and I can driver her again with the new additions!

BTW, I apologize for the blurry pics!


White R34…

30 May

I just really really love the way this car looks. I know my post title is lame but whatever, I’m tired and hungry.

Mediterannean Goodness

30 May

I got these pics a while ago from George, a customer of ours in Greece. He contacted us on a search for a specific JDM spec 5Zigen exhaust that is not normally available in the US. We arranged for the exhaust to be sent right from 5Zigen Japan to his door, and he was able to get back on the road. I’ve got a special place in my heart for the GC chassis STi’s – brings back alot of great memories.

George wrote: “Thanks Adam. The exhaust fits perfect. I had the same exhaust on my car from back in the year 2000. The muffler wrecked after 8 years, so I ordered a 5Zigen pro racer exhaust from 5Zigen Greece as I couldnt find the cannonball again. The circumference in the muffler and the two silences, yes it has two silences, was heaps smaller than the cannonball one and I lost performance even though they advertise the pro racer as a better performer. Not in my case nor my logic. With the pro racer, the car didnt pull or boost as high as it did with the cannonball either. It was then that I found you guys and enquired as I wanted to find the cannonball again. It is exactly the same as my old cannonball and fits perfect.”