Mediterannean Goodness

30 May

I got these pics a while ago from George, a customer of ours in Greece. He contacted us on a search for a specific JDM spec 5Zigen exhaust that is not normally available in the US. We arranged for the exhaust to be sent right from 5Zigen Japan to his door, and he was able to get back on the road. I’ve got a special place in my heart for the GC chassis STi’s – brings back alot of great memories.

George wrote: “Thanks Adam. The exhaust fits perfect. I had the same exhaust on my car from back in the year 2000. The muffler wrecked after 8 years, so I ordered a 5Zigen pro racer exhaust from 5Zigen Greece as I couldnt find the cannonball again. The circumference in the muffler and the two silences, yes it has two silences, was heaps smaller than the cannonball one and I lost performance even though they advertise the pro racer as a better performer. Not in my case nor my logic. With the pro racer, the car didnt pull or boost as high as it did with the cannonball either. It was then that I found you guys and enquired as I wanted to find the cannonball again. It is exactly the same as my old cannonball and fits perfect.”


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