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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

12 Jun


Long days, warm weather…and the event I wait all year for – LeMans! One of these years, we gotta go. I’ve been dreaming of it for as long as I can remember. If you’re bored at work today and want to listen to some practice sessions and some classic racers taking the track today for the historics, check out Radio LeMans and click on the “Listen Live” button at the top left. Coverage on Speed TV is tomorrow through Sunday.

Quick update as I just found this – if you’ve got Sirius/XM and you’re out driving around this weekend, the race is being broadcast there as well.

Saturday, June 13:
8 am ET: Pre-Race coverage Ch. 126 & SIR-11
9 am ET: 24 Hours of Le Mans begins Ch. 126 & SIR-11

Sunday, June 14:
9 am ET: 24 Hours of Le Mans ends Ch. 126 & SIR-11
9 am – 10 am ET: Post-Race coverage Ch. 126 & SIR-11

Adam’s NA Z33- Update

11 Jun

I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. While I’m still working on finishing the ITB project, I picked up something to have some interim fun with. Much love to Viet for hooking it up!

Since I sold my nice 3 inch carbon intake tube I’m going to have to fab something else up. At least with the Haltech now in the car I don’t have to worry about a MAF housing (good thing, since I sold that too!) or a fancy intake (foiled again…sold the Gruppe-M one I was running). Word to the wise – don’t sell the old shit till the new shit is fully functional! I was going to go all psuedo hardcore and make a nice aluminum one, but who gives a shit…it’s an intake tube and it’s temporary, so some thin walled mild steel, will be just fine. Maybe I’ll even ceramic coat it (or maybe I’ll use ‘House of Krylon’…we’ll see). If I ceramic coat it, I “may” coat the plenum as well – haven’t given it much thought yet.

Not sure what throttle body I will run yet. The left side of my brain says to just put on a stock throttle body, convert the car back to DBW (easy thankfully) and have a go. The right side says…screw it, grab a Q45 tb, leave it as a cable throttle, port the inlet to the plenum (or cut it up and reweld the proper size flange on) and let her rip. Jury is still out…I’ll probably let the guru Steve (engine builder) make that call for me.

Tomorrow it goes out to be evaluated on the bench, see if we can maybe clean up some of the runners a bit so everything lines up nicey-nice. At least now maybe I can drive my car for a bit instead of just looking longingly at her!

Notice the true carbon endcaps…no Seibon/VIS wannabe stuff here. Cosworth always gives you the real deal.

For everyone who says this manifold is “overpriced”, you’re nuts, plain and simple. The asking price for it new, at full MSRP, given it’s thoughful design, cast manufacturing, and the real carbon endcaps and all the fittings to make it work, is a bargain. Is this the manifold for someone who has a stock Z or even one with a mild turbo kit? Nope, not at all (though it looks way nicer than stock!). But if you’re going all out, and want a plenum that will go there with you, this is a bargain IMHO. This isn’t a paperweight/canoe anchor design like some others out there, and it does, without question, solve the flow issues (of which there are many) that the stock setup has.

1954 Kaiser Darrin Roadster

10 Jun

I thought it was pretty cool to see this car at the body shop yesterday. I had never heard about or seen one of these prior to yesterday, definitely a rare jem (#393 out of 435! Take that Enzo!). It was in for some minor touch ups.

The cool thing about this exact one that was sitting at the body shop is that it was purchased at the 2009 Barrett Jackson Auction for $176,000 and it came from the car’s designer, Howard “Dutch” Darrin’s, personal car collection.

My favorite feature on this car are the doors that are mounted on tracks that slide into the front fenders. That’s HOT!

This car was clean as F***!


***Click Here for More Information on this Cool Classic***

Shaun’s Amuse Superleggera Update

9 Jun

Many thanks to Kwame for stopping by the body shop to snap some pics and perform a little maintenance.  

All of the pieces are being test fitted onto the car … and if I do say so myself, this is going to be one awesome looking car. And for our readers that may not know, this is the real deal – none of that fake junk going on here.

After seeing all of the pictures that Kwame sent over, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a new exhaust as the Greddy Evo TT does not look right with the rear bumper. I also need to find a set of wheels for the street. The Fikse’s that you see here will be my track wheels – that’s right ladies and gents this car is going to see heavy use at the track. This list of things to do never seems to come to an end.

What’s next? Deciding on the right shade of white for the car.

The perfect car in the perfect color on the most perfect set of wheels with a perfect stance…

8 Jun

I ran across these pictures on courtesy of “m3V8.” What a beautiful car, I’m in love…

The Rat Pack

8 Jun

One more photo of the clean old-school cars I posted a few days back

Rat Pack

S30 meets VSXX

8 Jun

Only pic I could find, me wants more :(…




Italian Couger

7 Jun

Lately I’ve been looking lovingly at some of the great race cars of the 70’s. What I like best is that they resemble what comes mind when I think of what a modern race car is, yet they do so with a raw, seat of the pants flair. They were purposeful looking, and the 70’s were a time where the manufacturing processes finally began to catch up to the engineering knowledge base.

So, here is today’s entry – the Lancia Beta Montecarlo. Lancia’s have always been a bit of an eccentric marque, and despite all the nightmare stories of ownership, who wouldn’t want one of these in their garage? I’m also a sucker for that Martini Livery, as it’s just looks so damn good on just about any sports car.

Don’t let all the wild bodywork fool you. Underneath lurks a 4 cylinder engine. This tour-de-force packed a whole 7:1 compression ratio – pretty standard for the day, as this was the infancy of turbochargers in full competition use. The weighed less than 1800 lbs, and power ranged from the mid to high 400’s….wheeeeeee !!! Later versions developed by Abarth made over 500 hp.

Just listen to the engine wail – heavenly!

This is an awesoe in-car video I found from last years Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Now I’m going to hunt online for some Group 5 Books/DVD’s to grab up before F1 starts! If anyone knows of any good ones, let me know!

West Coasters know how to do it right

5 Jun

On a recent trip to Home Depot for some awesome orange buckets and random house hold repair items,  I ran into this beauty….

Yes.  Your eyes are not deceiving you. That IS an extra set of wheels in the back (non functional), a sunroof mod on the hood, and to make sure everyone knows you’re coming there are no less than 8 forward facing lights that would make any rally racer jealous. 

To make sure that no one forgets that it’s powered by Toyota, it says it on both sides with authority. Awe-inspiring multi-angled racing stripes on top of a custom red paint job is teh win.

You may laugh now.. but this shit is still better than Rota cuz it’s original!! oohh burn.

Forza 3… for the eRacer in all of us.

4 Jun

So last night, went to this VIP shin-dig courtesy of Microsoft and Turn 10 (the development studio that is bringing us the Gran Turismo-killer app for Xbox 360) in downtown LA, right next to the Staples Center and LA Convention Center, where E3 is being held.  Brought teh wifey and some friends to check out the game. They were impressed by the production effort.

It was free booze and food catered by Wolf Gang Puck.  Around the room there were a dozen or so real cars, ranging from the new V10 Audi R8, S4, C6 Z06, Sti, Evo X, NSX, Lambo, R33, and S(?) class. What they were trying to convey was that real cars in this room were the same cars in the demo. 

We got to play a pre-release demo of Forza 3.  The graphics were insanely beautiful– the scenery of mountains and ridges in the background were very photo realistic.. the car modeling looks fantasgreat.. even the car damage was pretty good. I hate lag… its a good thing i didnt see any with all the cars on the screen all at once (surprisingly).  Got to try a few different cars in the in-cockpit view… pretty nice.. Although I couldnt modify the cars (i.e. change out the suspension, etc..) must be the demo thing…  Each of the cars had very distinctive feel to them and the in-cockpit view is pretty slick.  The engine noise seemed authentic enough too.  The 370Z i drove in the game really did sound like… a real 370z! ha. go figure.

Game is set to be released in October… I guess just stick to playing with my real car for the time being…

Power Unleashed! Cobb Accessport for 2006 + Civic Si!

2 Jun


Just released today, and we’re offering free shipping!

Read all about it on our site by clicking here