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Tri-State Evo Sprit of Competition Track Day

5 Jul


We’re honored to be sponsoring this track day at Englishtown’s roadcoarse on August 9, 2009. We’ve been with TSE since before day 1, and have made tons of lifelong friends along the way.

Thanks to the two Mike’s, this will be your chance to really try your Evo out and see what it can do in a controlled, legal environment. If your car is stock, you’ll learn where you may want to concentrate your modding budget. If it’s modded, you’ll get to see how it performs now that the work is done. If you’re unsure of what to do next, we’ll be on hand to help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of Evo modding

Registration is just $150.00 for TSE Members, and $170 for non members….a bargain as far as track days are concerned! To register, you can send paypal to

Any questions, let us know!


Vote for Cheston!!!

5 Jul


Hi all – need some assistance from our friends across the world. One of our friends/customer cars was selected in the Castrol Top Syntec Top Car Challenge, and it’s voting time! EuroTuner went from 200 votes to 2200 overnight, so we want to show them all who’s boss. This is one of the best prepped Z’s in the world, and has been featured in:
Super Street,
Import Tuner, and

Click here to place your vote!!

Vote as many times as you can stand…tell a friend as well! Thanks everyone!