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Yeah this is REAL smart… A Bleeding Billboard

7 Jul

WTF is the point of creating a billboard to warn drivers of the dangers of driving recklessly during inclimate weather when the damn thing grabs your attention by bleeding during said inclimate weather.

So let’s see, we’ll warn drivers about distractions by using another distraction! Sounds like a brilliant idea! 😦

Props to the marketing/advertising company that put this together though it’s cool from that perspective, but still dumb to be on the side of the road.


The Stance of a Legend!

7 Jul

How dope does this S30 look?


R35 GTR Spec-V = Carbon Fiber Frenzy!!!

7 Jul

DAYUM!!! Nissan wasn’t being stingy at all with the carbon on this car. Carbon IN the interior, ON the exterior and ALL OVER the brakes! I love it!

This color is hot as hell too!


7 Jul