Lucky Bastid…

24 Jul

So Adam struck gold  last week when the homey Logan over at Work Wheels USA informed him that he had found an extra VS-TX in the exact size, offset and color that Adam is running on the rear of his car. Normally this wouldn’t really be a big deal but when your rocking wheels that have been discontinued for going on two years its “major win!” Nothing like rolling on a set of discontinued wheels on New York streets and having a flawless back-up plan just in case your wheels lose the war against the Belt Parkway.

I wish Logan would had found a complete set of four, I would have been all over them! I love these wheels!

Logan, Adam and I are trying to figure out a way to mount this fifth wheel on the back of Adam’s Z to replicate that old-school Caddy look.

By the way if you haven’t peeped Logan’s blog yet you better have a good reason, like you just busted  out of coma or something. 🙂  Click and enjoy my fellow Work aficionados… Logan’s New Blog


One Response to “Lucky Bastid…”

  1. Logan July 24, 2009 at 11:34 PM #

    Diamond in the back

    Sunroof top

    5th wheel on da trunk

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