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Racepak Dash Project Continues – Dave Serves up the Booyah

25 Jul

A few months ago I posted about the new Racepak IQ3 cluster I picked up here . Dave, our friend and stereo installer to the stars, just sent me over some pics of the progress he has made on my Racepak. He knows me and my tastes, and as such, this is Ivory clean. I’ll post up some more pics when it’s all done.


Well Rounded Z33…

25 Jul

Not bad.

ASM front Bumper, Amuse Rear Wing, Front and Rear Gold Endless Big Brake Kit, Ohlins DFV, Fujitsubo Titanium Exhaust… not bad at all.

And another one up on the auction block…

25 Jul

I guess this is simply automobile evolution. Shadow Sports Design has their white Z33 up for sale. Out with the old I suppose.

I’m jonesing for a pack of Skittles right now…

25 Jul

Studie AG representin hard!



Moonface Racing 350Z/Z33 Tow Hook

25 Jul

These are available in either red or yellow and in both 16mm and 22mm sizes.

Click this picture to order off of our website...

Click this picture to order off of our website...

Pactole E30 M3…

25 Jul

Rear wing and front splitter aside this is a pretty cool E30 M3.

I’d also ditch the excessive amount of red tow hooks if it were my car, but I’m LOVING that engine bay!

Pactole E30 M3

Pactole E30 M3-2

Pactole E30 M3-3

Pactole E30 M3-4

A Japanese BMW tuning firm. Check out their website: Pactole