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The greatest DIY guide in the history of DIYs

27 Jul

I found this gem of a DIY on… lol, GHETT-O

DIY – Rear compartment sound proofing

Sorry if this has been posted before…searched and didn’t see anything on this.

While removing my spare tire to insure proper inflation I decided to sound proof the compartment where the spare resides.

I used cotton bath towels mostly (along with some old t-shirts) and completely covered and filled in under and over the spare tire compartment. I believe that this hollow space directly above the muffler acts like a drum in some respects and makes a much louder booming sound while driving that is necessary.

I think the more large towels you can cram in there the better the sound proofing. Also once its covered by the lid and carpet you cant see a thing but you will hear a difference. Especially on rougher pavement. A side bonus to all this toweling is that if you ever need to actually change out a flat you have towels to kneel on and clean your hands afterward.

1. Remove spare and re-inflate to proper PSI.
2. Cover floor of compartment with towels.
3. Re-install spare and insure lock down fastener tight.
4. Cover spare and fill in excess space with further towels. The more the better!!! PACK IN TIGHTLY as possible.
5. Install spare tire compartment lid and carpets.

I think Black towels would even look good if you could find some.

Time: 10 mins
Cost: Free if you use old t-shirts and rags

Good LuckΒ 

I’m not making this up: Thread Link


V12 Mazda Miata

27 Jul

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


I won’t leave you guys hanging. Here are some details about the motor:

Originaly a 1987 jag [motor], but most of the motor has been modified. Parts are scarce so I had to make most of them, which included coming up with my own cam profiles. With the assistance of crane cams I am the first person to use a dual pattern cam with the Jag H.E. v12, because of camshaft changes it caused me to have to build my own timing chain setup,idler pulleys, which I made externally adjustable.
Jag rods are a heavy 975 grams each, so I had the crank ground to use H-Beam 351W ford rods, total saving was 11 pounds off the rotating assembly. Actually I could of used a lighter rod, H beam rods are good for 750hp, but thats for a V8 (94hp per rod) in a V12 the same rods means I could run 1128hp which this motor will never see. From here I used 1.5mm Honda rings, with custom BRC pistons for nitrous. Compression came out to 13.5:1. Heads were completely reworked and ported. Aluminum flywheel and custom bell housing let me mount a 2003 ford mustang 5 speed transmission and clutch. So far I have over 1 year in the making of the motor alone and probably spent more money then the car will ever be worth but I guess thats what a hobby is for.

Dude gets my respect for sure.

1994 Porsche 964 Speedster

27 Jul

I saw this thing of beauty up Β for sale on Autosports Japan’s website and it has been occupying my mind all weekend.