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A few 2007 Z-Master Race Photos

28 Jul

Some of these cars have been extensively modified or sold since these pictures but boy did they look good then.



Ok, ok one of the last two 993s I will post up from Autosports

28 Jul


I love 993s but I don’t want to be super repeititve with our blog content.

By the way here is the link to Autosports for those who can’t find it 😉

1997 993 Turbo-S

1997 Porsche 993 GT2 Cabriolet

28 Jul


I’m not in the market for one of these at the moment but I can’t help but to drool over Autosports’ inventory. I’ve never actually seen a 993 GT2 cabriolet in person before. This thing is clean.

PSA: If you’re a poser trying to front your replica as authentic you WILL GET CALLED OUT!

28 Jul

A funny thing happened today, well I’ll let you guys read the thread. Luckily for the OP he deleted it (essentially admitting he is lying and trying to avoid public embarrassment; thankfully the moderators decided to put the thread back up, but locked it,  before I was about to get “in that ass.”

Biggie said it best in his song Sky’s the Limit:

…I’m sewing tigers on my shirt and alligators. Ya wanna see the inside, huh, I see you later…

The thread: Poser trying to play off his replica kit as authentic

The culprit and his vehicle: