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From the WTF Files

31 Jul

Someone on a local forum we are a sponsor on was asking for the wiring diagram for the Inlet Air Temp. Sensor the other day on a G35. When asked what he needed it for (sort of a random wire to be splicing, and you figure if you’re doing a mod that involves splicing that wire (such as converting from MAF to MAP, you would own a factory service manual already..I don’t know, call me crazy), he replied that he was helping a friend install this:


The manufacturer claims gains up to 20 hp and 15 lbs of torque just by wiring this little device in. I don’t know about you, but it looks like something that Realistic made (exclusively for Radio Shack) circa 1985.

So what is this thing really? It’s a little metal box with resistors in it, that’s what. The resistors intercept the air inlet temperature sensor signal to the ecu, and “fool” it into thinking the air is colder than it really is. Colder air (even though in this case, it’s fake colder air) = more timing advance on many ecu’s, and viola, you get the “feeling” your car is making hp. You have 3 modes to choose from – street, race (give me a fucking break), and “off” – hence the tri phase.

I’ve heard Motec, Pectel and Pi Research/Cosworth each have their own versions being shown at SEMA.

Do yourself a favor – save your money. Or if you really have $180 burning a hole in your pocket – donate it to your favorite charity, take your girl out for a nice dinner, or maybe go get some lapdances.


Endless making your dollar go farther

31 Jul

From Endless USA:


Huntington Beach, CA (July 31, 2009) – In a globally down economy, consumers are putting more care into the product choices they make. The dollars in their wallets must go further than they have before, and getting the most value from the dollars they spend is vital. With less disposable income available, they are more often seeking quality product that will last. Endless is proud to announce that these new recession-savvy consumers have found Endless products to be the best valued in the marketplace.

Endless has always had a name synonymous with quality, but the increase in new consumers trying Endless product has led to tremendous feedback regarding exceeded expectations in longevity and value. Consumers are finding that while they may be initially spending a small amount more for the brake pads or brake fluid, the pads and fluid last far longer than other brands they’ve used previously. Coupled with feedback reporting that the brake pads are far less abrasive to disc rotors, consumers are elated to find that they’re reducing their consumption and actually saving money by switching to Endless.

“We can choose any brake combination we want in IMSA/ALMS/ACO,” said Rick Mayer, Technical Director of American Le Mans team Risi Competizione. “Endless pads have significantly less wear then any pad we’ve used and are very gentle on the disks. We made the 12 hours of Sebring without a pad change where some of our Ferrari competitors didn’t. We can use a used pad at subsequent events without any concern about performance degradation. Our drivers like the good release and consistent friction level without any fading. We find them to be good consistent pads.”

“Sometimes it’s difficult for consumers to see the value in spending more for product that lasts longer,” said Dominic Chen, Executive Director of Endless USA. “But what we’ve been able to show is that our pads and fluid really do increase performance while reducing costs. Professional race teams and weekend track enthusiasts alike have all reported the same thing: with Endless they’ve won more races and saved more money.”

He’s Baaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk

31 Jul

Filling in for Felipe, who we all hope has a speedy recovery.

I’ll tell you what, it’s a kickass time to be an F1 fan and be alive during this time period.

The Champ is here!!!

The Champ is here!!!

BMW S.X. Concept…

31 Jul

Old news for a concept car I know. I just wanted to state that I see a lot of design cues stolen borrowed from the Aston Matin One 77.

I’m actually not sure which one was designed first. I’m assuming the One 77 since it is already in production.

Cool car nonetheless.


Another Clean E30 M3

31 Jul

I love these cars…