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New HKS SSQV 3 Blow Off Valve

16 Aug


HKS introduces the third generation Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve, Super SQV3. In 1994 HKS introduced the first Sequential Blow-Off Valve with a unique pull-type sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system that allows a broad operation range from low to high boost. This pull-type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of boost pressure.

New Super SQV 3 features include a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve which is swaged to the primary valve, a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to increase sealing and durability. To assure buyers that they are purchasing an authentic HKS product, the new design incorporates a holographic HKS logo on the back of the valve as well as additional HKS logos cast onto the body.

The Super SQV 3 utilizes the same mounting flanges as all previous generation SSQV’s to assure compatibility with all optional HKS SSQV inserts, recirculation fittings and recirculation kits. The new SSQV 3 valves also come with a lower MSRP!



GTSPEC Subaru External Wastegate

16 Aug



16 Aug

That’s alot of power!