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Endless/Z1 Poster Promo!

21 Aug

The cornerstone of Endless Japan is their amazing brake pad and fluids. Sure, they do badass big brake kits too, but it all begins with fundamentals. Endless is one of the few firms out there to offer the exact same product to their street customers as they do to their most elite motorsport customers.

Take the Endless RF650 Brake Fluid. The very same fluid sold here at Z1, is the same fluid used by the Brawn F1 Team (current leaders of the Constructors Championship). Pretty cool stuff!

As an added bonus, buy a minimum of 4 bottles at one time, and get a Free Endless/Brawn F1 Poster! Offer expires September 30, 2009

Poster Choice #1


Poster Choice #2


Order Endless RF650 Brake Fluid Here!

Ings EVO X complete kit to hit U.S. shores in late September

21 Aug


We have one of these kits currently inbound and unspoken for. If you are interested in acquiring this kit for your CZ4A let us know and we’ll set you up.

Available pieces consists of:

  • Front Bumper
  • Side Step
  • Rear Bumper
  • Front Canards
  • Brake Duct

All of the piece with the exception of the Brake  Duct and Front Canards (which are available in either Carbon or FRP) are available in Hybrid Aero or FRP.

Sorry in advance for the minuscule pictures.

U.D.O. (Unidentifed Driving Object)

21 Aug


Another extravagant 350z build.

I’m digging the exterior (minus all the LEDS) with the clean body kit and the Weds and what not. The rear hatch is once again a bit excessive for my taste but at least when the LEDS are off I’m sure its more tolerable than that┬áthe other Z I posted yesterday. The headliner is bleh… but whoever did the hatch did it clean and for that it is blog worthy (in my opinion of course).

I don’t get the gauges facing the rear though… Or the excessive use of LEDs. LEARN WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PEOPLE!!!