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A day in the life of being a vendor…

8 Sep

So you think being a import performance parts vendor is fun right? Well it can be at times. However, when you get IMs like this several times a day it can take a toll on the well being of even the most sane of men…

Prospective Customer (12:17:18 PM): hey u there?
Z1 Auto
(12:17:41 PM): yes?
Prospective Customer (12:18:09 PM): hey what’s up I talked to u a while back, was wondering if u use oem motor mounts
Z1 Auto
(12:18:27 PM): huh?
Prospective Customer (12:18:52 PM): motor mounts for your 350x
Prospective Customer (12:18:58 PM): 350z
Z1 Auto
(12:19:40 PM): for what 350z?
Z1 Auto
(12:19:43 PM): we have several
Prospective Customer (12:20:02 PM): I’m asking you, if you use them in your car
Z1 Auto
(12:20:29 PM): we have more than 1 Z here…some we use oem some we dont
Prospective Customer (12:21:09 PM): u have the 320 whp all motor 350z correct?
Z1 Auto
(12:21:20 PM): me personally, no
Z1 Auto
(12:21:41 PM): but yes that car has oem mounts
Prospective Customer (12:22:15 PM): oh.. I was interested in motor mounts solid motors for my g35 coupe
Prospective Customer (12:22:44 PM): do they make a noticeable difference
Z1 Auto
(12:23:09 PM):
Z1 Auto
(12:23:12 PM): we have them in stock
Prospective Customer (12:24:43 PM): is it hard to install?
Z1 Auto
(12:25:13 PM): disconnect stock mounts, lift engine with hoist, and reinstall
Prospective Customer (12:25:45 PM): u gotta lift the engine..?
Z1 Auto
(12:25:58 PM): of course
Prospective Customer (12:26:16 PM): holy crap haha
Z1 Auto
(12:26:32 PM): how else would you get to the stock mount?
Prospective Customer (12:26:58 PM): I thought they in reach
Z1 Auto
(12:27:16 PM): they are
Z1 Auto
(12:27:25 PM): but the mount attaches the engine to the car
Z1 Auto
(12:27:42 PM): you obviously need to lift the engine up to be able to remove the mount and reinstall the new one
Z1 Auto
(12:27:54 PM): its not hard to do at all
Prospective Customer (12:28:24 PM): I don’t gotta discount hoses or anything? how much do u tthil a shop will charge
Z1 Auto
(12:28:38 PM): you would have to ask the shop
Prospective Customer (12:29:58 PM): so I don’t have to discount hoses?

I’ll finish this off by saying….. WHAT?

Your only reaction is to laugh at the humor of the situation. đŸ™‚

Fidanza VQ35/37HR Flywheel

8 Sep


Fidanza has released a Nissan VQ35/37HR motor aluminum flywheel. This unit weighs 15 pounds and fits the 07-08 350z, 09+ 370z, 2007 G35 Sedan, and the 08+ G37. These will be available in the next 3-4 weeks.
Application: 07-08 Nissan 350z 3.5L, 2009+ Nissan 370z 3.7L, 2007 Infinity G35 Sedan 3.5L, 2008+ Infinity G37 Coupe, Sedan, Roadster 3.7L (HR Motor Only)
Product: Aluminum Flywheel
Weight: 15 lbs
Part #: 143371

Available September 16th, 2009

New Titanium Brake Shims!!!

8 Sep


We just had the first batch of titanium shims done and they are ready to go. It’s a relatively cheap piece of added insurance for those track guys out there who have been running into the issue of cooking their brakes.

The current applications available are for the Subaru STi, Subaru 4-pot calipers, Mitusbishi EVO, Hyundai  Genesis Coupe (track edition),  and the Nissan 350Z. Additional applications for aftermarket calipers such as the Stoptech ST-40, Stoptech ST-60 and Endless calipers are under development and will be released soon.

MSRP is $100 but we are working out package deals with fluid, pads and/or lines. Let us know if you are interested in a set and for combo pricing!